Life of Wayne Miller Celebrated at Service

Friends and colleagues of Dr. Wayne Miller celebrated his life during a touching memorial in Plant Hall on Friday, March 28.

If there was a theme that emerged about Dr. Miller through the many speakers that graced the event, it was his extraordinarily diverse and nuanced life, and his ability to connect and converse with people of all stripes.

“He never looked at someone and said ‘I know who you are’, in that reductive way that even the most open-minded of us sometimes do,” said his son, Wayne Joshua Miller.

Similarly, those in attendance found it difficult to classify Dr. Miller by listening to the details and stories of his life.

The entire memorial, from the scheduled speeches of Dr. Martha Serpas, Dr. Steven Kucera, and Dr. Miller’s son,

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  1. It has been over two years since Wayne’s passing, and I have just now read about his all too sudden and soon passing. I will miss knowing he walk’s this earth, sharing his wit and wisdom to all those lucky enough to encounter him. Rest in peace my good friend.

    C. Welter

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