• Fear Mongering Over Guns Prevents Discussing Real Solutions to Mass Shootings

    By Ethan Montague In the wake of yet another school shooting, all of America is fed up. The media continues to blame shortcomings in gun bans for the attacks, but 94% of mass shooting attacks take place in gun-free zones. The media ignores this data and fails to examine whether the lack of guns attracts… Read more

  • Rocky Stays on Top of The Mountain

    By Ronan McEvoy UFC 286 took place at the O2 Area in front of a buzzing crowd. This was the first UFC PPV in England since 2016.  Leon Edwards defeated Kamaru Usman by a majority decision to remain the welterweight champion. Similarly to their first fight, Edwards was able to outbox Usman in the first… Read more

  • NFL Free Agency Arrives

    By Cameron Andrade The NFL free agency period has begun. On March 15, the period for NFL teams to discuss contract negotiations and sign other free agent players began.  The new 2023-24 NFL season started on March 13, with teams legally able to start negotiations with free agents. Teams then have to wait until March… Read more

  • The Dana White Treatment in the UFC

    The Dana White Treatment in the UFC

    By Zach Kershaw  Following UFC 286, fans of the sport were actively discussing the event. Except they were not talking about either main event fighters. Instead, the focus was on someone who watched the fight from the stands.   Over 17,000 fans gathered in London, England to watch the final act of the trilogy between Leon… Read more

  • All Within Reach: De’Shaun Mears

    All Within Reach: De’Shaun Mears

    By Chris Pico One of the most recognizable faces on campus is De’Shaun Mears. He is known generally as “the basketball kid” or “the guy on the basketball team.” I believe he receives these titles because of how much his life truly revolves around the sport he loves. He started playing basketball when he was… Read more

  • The Fight For Gender Equality is Now in Our Hands

    The Fight For Gender Equality is Now in Our Hands

    By Ganna Mahmoud Due to the progress in the feminist movement, our lives have been significantly improved as women, and compared to 100 years ago, we have much more freedom in regards to how we act, what we wear, and who we can become. However, we still have a long way to go, as misogyny… Read more

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