Month: April 2008

Magazines, blogs engage in complex battle

The Internet has changed the world in many ways. For better or for worse, the Web has made thousands of obvious alterations to almost every aspect of industry, culture and commerce. These are not new developments. Students in college have all grown up with the Internet and have watched it grow in turn – gradually taking over the world in which we live.

Video game release causes frenzy

Sounds of gunfire filled dorm rooms, apartments and houses in college towns all over the country Tuesday after the debut of the long-awaited and controversial “Grand Theft Auto IV.” The game’s release meant big business for retail stores. AJ Matthews, Wal-Mart employee, said Wal-Mart sold all 72 of its Xbox 360 copies in 30 minutes.

Letter: Minaret commended

Dear Editor, Last week, The Minaret devoted twelve-pages to the wide-spread, but hidden problem of rape. The staff, editors, and advisor, Dr. Charles McKenzie should be commended for bringing this problem out of the shadows. By publishing the “special investigation” section, The Minaret has educated thousands of people about the complex problem of rape, and hundreds of campus victims know they are not alone.

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