Dare ya not to smile! CuteOverload.com can brighten anyone’s day

(U-WIRE) When you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing like a website with a pastel rush of color and hamsters dressed up in tutus and fairy wings to cheer you up.

In other words, there’s nothing like CuteOverload.com.

This site, updated daily, offers the chance to squeal at the most precious of animals. With specialized categories like “Cats ‘N’ Racks” and “I shall leeck you,” Cute Overload is packed with enough critters to brighten your day, melt your heart or at least provide a temporary distraction from class.

If you don’t take my word for its excellence, maybe New York Magazine’s opinion that “… Teeny-weeny furry animals means you’ll never be sad again” will convince you to take a look at the site. Time magazine chose the site as the “#1 Mood Lifter: ‘Cute Overload,’ because sometimes you just need to look at pictures of kittens.”

A photo of a puppy with its tongue sticking out or a video of a manatee squishing his face against an aquarium wall is bound to lift your spirits.

But that’s only half the fun. The photos and videos aren’t the only things to catch your attention. The unique captions and story lines that go along with each entry are guaranteed to make you light up with joy. The writers add so much personality to the little critters it makes you giggly.

Don’t be a cynic: Cute Overload certainly has something to offer to everyone — even those too tough for the standard adorable content. For fans of the movie “300,” they have “300 Kitties” — an edited trailer of the movie including some fierce cats showing off their warrior moves.


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