Recipe For The Perfect Gasparilla Outfit


Ahoy matey, it’s finally here, one of the most anticipated days of the year for University of Tampa students: Gasparilla. No need to stress about what you will wear to get all the beads this promising day has to offer. For just under ten dollars, you can be Gasparilla ready and set sail on all of the exciting pirate festivities. So, grab some scissors and bandanas and let’s get ready to take the parade by storm!

Prep time:

30 minutes



Old T-shirt (red, black or white)

A bandana


Fishnets or stockings (optional)


Denim or black shorts

The Looks:

To achieve this quick and easy look you will first need to procure an old or cheap plain tee from your local convenience store or the depths of your dresser. Next, you will want to remove the seam around the arms, neck and bottom of your shirt to make alterations a much simpler task. Create about two inch slits in the sleeves of your t-shirt. The sleeves of the black shirt pictured have been cut in greater depths and wider apart than that of the red shirt. To attain the red shirt look, cut the slits in half and make small knots down the length of the sleeve. The longer the slits, the easier it is to tie the knots providing a more dramatic flare. Cutting the shirt in small adjacent triangles along the bottom adds the classic pirate touch, allowing you to invade the Bay in style.

If you will be going the fishnet or stocking route, put the stockings on first to best gauge where you will be creating the additional openings. Making small incisions in the stockings where you wish to create the holes will provide you with the correct placement when you go to cut them. To ensure that the holes are correctly placed and sized, enlist a trustworthy and creative friend or roommate to cut the holes for you. To cut the holes, make a small horizontal cut and pull the material to your desired size and shape.

The Hair:

To obtain the effortless pirate/beach waves, sleep with your hair in loose braids or spray sea salt spray (Walgreens or Wal-Mart) into wet or damp hair. Next, slide beads into your wavy locks tying them one after the other in a haphazard-like fashion. Folding the bandana in half then placing it directly on your head and securing it tightly in the back ties the whole look together nicely. Some variations of bandana placement are pictured above.

The Face:

When applying pirate make-up, the more dramatic, the better. So create the smokiest of eyes using a combination of greys and blacks with a thick amount of eyeliner. Use your brightest and shiniest red lipstick and a significant amount of bronzer. Finish the look by sliding on black or brown comfortable boots and you are ready to conquer the Bay!

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