Author: sammibkw16

Halloween Horror Nights Fall Short on Scares

By IVY VELAZQUEZ With Halloween season comes ghosts, demons, and monsters. It’s when those who find thrills in being scared out of their minds are really able to have some fun. Every year, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) haunted houses promise to cause even the bravest of guests to scream in terror. Usually, they’re quite […]

Singing to the Stage: Senior Gains Lead

By KATELYN MASSARELLI Bri Mooney fell in love with being Mulan. As her first acting role, the high schooler was hooked on transforming into another person on stage. Now, 11 years later as a senior musical theater major, Mooney clinches another lead role as main character Billie Bendix in UT’s production of the musical Nice […]

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