WUTT Floods the Pool for Their Spring Semester Pool Party

It wasn’t the usual sunny Friday afternoon at the pool as the program directors, DJ’s and staff of WUTT flooded the area for their Spring Semester Pool Party.

The wet and wild action included, hool-a-hoop competition, water balloon fights and the ever famous tug-of-war. Prizes and pizza also highlighted the event which is held to promote the station said Lindsey Basford, General Manager of WUTT.

“We try to attract people to listen, volunteer and put more people on the air,” Basford said.

The future plans of the station look big and campus needs to keep their ears open when the plans fall into place.

“We want people on the air all the time, so we have no dead airtime,” Basford said.

WUTT can be heard throughout campus on the radio at 1080 AM or on Cable Channel 23. Basford also added that the station is very close to streaming online.

Many different shows are offered through out the week from smooth listening to hard rock.

Serena Edinger, WUTT Secretary, co-hosts a show with WUTT GM Lindsey Basford called “Mish Mash” from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Fridays.

“Our show plays a variety of music for all mood swings,” Edinger said as she thought about the usual Friday mornings for some students who were out late the night before.

Edinger explained that she loves when WUTT hosts a pool party because people don’t realize that campus has a station but when they first recognize it, when it is played at the pool, is great.

Sitting in the pool with a water blaster was the host of “The Italian Stallion” show, Anthony Bork. The show runs from 1-3 p.m. on Thursday and plays a variety of hip hop.

On the flipside of “The Itallion Stallion Show” are “The Girls.” Hosted by Perri Landsberg, Anastasia Tsigos and Jess August, the show plays everything and they talk about gossip and “everything that’s amazing.”

A highlight of “The Girls” show is their quote of the day.

“It’s not the people you are with but the person you become when you are with those people. Certain people bring out your best self, that’s who you need to find.”

That was today’s quote for the beautiful sunny day at the pool.

Jeremy Donovan, Assistant Program Director is host of “Black Noise.”

Under the DJ name “Darkness,” he plays all types of rock.

“Taking a break, Just chillin,” Donovan said about his favorite part of the Pool Parties.

For a list, schedule, and more information about the shows check out http://www.freewebs.com/wutt and listen to your one and only campus radio station on 1080 AM and Cable Channel 23.

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