Horror-Free Halloween Movies for a Comforting Night In

By: Brianna Davila-Viera

Halloween is the best time of year for some, yet for others, it is the spookiest and scariest time of the year. Halloween means haunted houses, scary movies, and many creepy costumes to them. The thought of having to sit through a two-hour movie full of gore and jump scares is some peoples’ ideal plan on a weekend. But not all Halloween movie nights have to be full of horror and thriller movies. Here are the top six best comfort movies for Halloween.


What would a good Halloween movie look like without the iconic movie Hocus Pocus? This movie is a staple Halloween movie and has been a part of many peoples’ childhoods. The Sanderson sisters always bring that fun yet spooky feel to Halloween. The movie follows the life of Max Dennison, who had recently moved to Salem. He gets into some trouble when he accidentally frees the evil Sanderson sisters. The sisters are on a mission to become immortal, and Max is the only one who can stop them. This movie has all the things you could think of when looking for a great chill sit-down Halloween movie.


Now if you haven’t watched a Tim Burton movie during Halloween, it is recommended that you watch Corpse Bride. Many tend to lean towards the Nightmare Before Christmas but if you want to have a good laugh or something similar, then this is the movie for you. The movie follows a young man named Victor who is supposed to be marrying a young woman named Victoria. When he fails to recite his vows during the rehearsal, he ventures off into the woods feeling defeated by how he stumbled on his words. Then he practices his vows and recites them perfectly. He does not realize that the twig he had placed the ring on was a dead bride named Emily and the movie follows him as he tries to figure out whether to live for Victoria or die for Emily.


Monster House has always been one of those Halloween movies that some forget about. The movie has children wondering if the creepy house at the end of the street is worth going up to on Halloween night. This movie looks at three children as they believe that their neighbor’s house is alive. The trio decides to find a way to destroy the house before any trick-or-treaters get eaten alive which leads the house to come to life and attack them. The old man living in the home tries his best to defend his home yet realizes that maybe he is the one that needs to destroy the house himself. This movie is a tear-jerker as it brings the idea of a grumpy old man just wanting to be happy again. 


Who doesn’t love a friendly ghost just wanting some friends? Casper is the movie for you if you want to watch a light-hearted movie with your significant other. The movie follows Casper, the friendly ghost who haunts a mansion in Maine. A father and daughter end up moving into the mansion to communicate with Casper and his fellow ghost friends. Casper takes a liking to the daughter, Kat, and quickly falls for her. The relationship is difficult as he is a ghost, but also his trouble making uncles try to separate the two. This movie is such a cute movie to watch with your significant other as it reminds you that if a ghost can love then anyone can love and no matter the circumstances, you’ll do anything for your person. 

SCARY GODMOTHER 1: Halloween Spooktacular

You must be very into Halloween children’s movies to know about these two movies. These two movies are based on the comics and children’s books of Jill Thompson. This movie is the rarest of them all and also the most comforting. The story follows Hannah Marie, a young girl whose mean older cousin must babysit her on Halloween night. Upset and grumpy with his baby cousin, he devises a plan to scare her. Yet, his plan backfires when Hannah gets some help from her scary godmother. Scary godmother takes Hannah to her realm of the fright side and throws the biggest Halloween party while also introducing Hannah to many different monsters. This teaches Hannah that not all monsters are mean, and she enlists her spooky friends to teach Jimmy a lesson about being mean to her.

SCARY GODMOTHER 2: The Revenge of Jimmy

Now, the second movie is about Jimmy getting his revenge and wishing that Halloween never existed. Hannah must stop her mean older cousin from erasing Halloween and her scary godmother. As for the scary godmother, she is preparing for her Halloween spectacular party but is dealing with disastrous results. This movie is basically about Jimmy and his hatred for Halloween after the lesson Hannah taught him the previous Halloween. 

Halloween is a time to be spooky and enjoy the time of the year when you can dress up and not be questioned about it. Yet, it is also the time of year when you can sit back and have a Halloween movie marathon whether you watch horror movies or movies such as the ones listed above. It is a time to just have fun with your friends.

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