App of The Week: ‘VCSO’ Makes Photographs Pristine


​Nothing is better than a photo with a great filter. Before posting a photo on Instagram, it can be too tempting to go back and forth between filters that are either too saturated, too overexposed or too warm or cool in temperature. Fortunately, VSCO is a photo-editing app that offers numerous bundles of filters designed by Instagram junkies to fulfill our photography needs. On top of endless filter options, VSCO also comes equipped with multiple standard photo-editing tools such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow and highlight adjustments to add any last minute touches to your photos that might be too light or overexposed. All you have to do is upload as many, or as little, of your photos into the app where they will stay over time to create an album. Once you have done that, simply select a photo you want to edit and go from there.

This app may seem overwhelming at first due to its large number of capabilities, but it’s relatively easy to get used to. On top of its filters and editing capabilities, VSCO also offers a simple and convenient in-app camera that allows its user to shoot photos directly through the app rather than having to go back to the phone’s home screen in order to get to the camera. As far as having uniquely-edited photos, there is a tab titled “Shop” that previews different photo bundles containing up to a dozen filters shown on sample photos both to purchase and to download for free. All of the filters are simply titled using no more than three letters and one number over a colored bar at the bottom of an icon that previews each individual filter once downloaded. Of the filters you have downloaded, you can even adjust the strength of the filter whether you want it to show up completely or just add a hint.

VSCO is also a social media app that allows you to create an account with your own homepage and profile, upload and share your edited photos. In the sidebar there is a tab titled “Explore” where you can browse through a continuously updated news feed of popular photos also created and edited through VSCO. This social media element allows you to follow people whose photos/posts you continuously want to see similar to Instagram and Twitter. Some people have even gone as far as using VSCO as an alternative to these mainstream social media networks.

The app is extremely simple in terms of labeling and usage which makes it stand out from other photography/editing apps, by making photo editing seem almost effortless. The app has been growing in popularity, boasting over 10 million downloads from the Google Play store. If you are looking for an app that comes with its own camera, an app that stores your photos for you and most of all, an app that has an infinite amount of photo filters, adjustment options, and different combinations of filters and finishing touches, VSCO is the app to revamp your photography life.

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