Finish Ticket to Begin First Headline Tour in St. Pete

By Madison Kazar

San Francisco natives in indie rock band Finish Ticket will kick off their first ever headline tour on Feb. 17 at St. Petersburg’s own Local 662. Taking the stage alongside Vinyl Theatre on the Ones to Watch Tour, Finish Ticket is enduring mixed emotions just days away from their tour.

“I’m definitely a little nervous but I’m mostly just really excited,” said Brendan Hoye, singer and keyboardist. “I think especially just the idea of doing the headline, and in these major cities that we have gone to before but not a full run like this.”

Finish Ticket made waves in 2015 opening for alternative duo, Twenty One Pilots on the sold-out Blurryface tour and releasing their melodic EP When Night Turns Into Day. The five band mates, initially high school buds, delved into their appreciation for their surge of success this past year (expressing specific gratitude for their Florida fan base) and their anticipation to share their new tunes in venues across the country.

Delineating the transition from opening band to headliner, Hoye illustrated the “journey” that the band will be taking their fans on in their upcoming tour.

“Usually our mindset is to go out, push through and play our powerhouse songs mainly focusing on making a first impression,” Hoye said.

For this tour, Finish Ticket had to construct a set list that takes their fans on a journey showcasing an array of songs that evoke a multitude of emotions in the audience.

“On Blurryface it never felt quite right because we had to showcase a specific version of ourselves, but on this tour we can find better places for songs and take the audience through the ups and downs,” Hoye said.

Instead of focusing on aggregating a larger fan base, the band can now provide an in-depth experience that concentrates less on surface and initial value.

Along with the added excitement the band will experience because of the interaction with fans, they have expressed their enthusiasm to tour with Vinyl Theatre.

“The guys in Vinyl Theatre are really cool guys, so I think it will be really fun to tour with everyone and we’re probably going to get along really well which is always a huge plus,” Hoye said.

Expressing further how necessary chemistry is amongst bands and band members, Hoye explored the interesting sibling dynamic that Finish Ticket possesses.

“Touring with my brother makes being on the road a lot easier. I’m a twin so we have spent our lives practicing not getting on each other’s nerves.”

From sports teams to classes, the Hoye twins spent ample time together growing up and now get to share the stage together.

“One thing about being a twin when you are young is it is hard to find that independence, so then you almost enjoy when you get to do stuff together when you are older,” Hoye said. “It is a big plus for me to share this experience with him.”

The vitality of band harmony explained by Hoye is evident in the makeup of their band, together since high school, and for some members since birth.

The transition from opening act to headliner is made simpler by the Columbus band Twenty One Pilots. Hoye conveyed his gratitude for the band and their crew.

“We were in the opening slot but it never really felt like it,” Hoye said. “Twenty One Pilots always made sure we were taken care of, we even got lighting which most opening bands only get one color or something but they assigned some of their guys to do lights for us and really treated us like equals.”

Hoye also voiced their plans to create a similar atmosphere for upcoming bands that will open for them on tours in the future. “We are hoping if we get to that level that we can do the same for another band,” he said.

Finish Ticket is looking forward to all that 2016 has in store for this band of brothers quickly gaining traction.

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