2Cellos Rocks the House

By Ivy Velazquez

Have you ever watched someone play an instrument? Have you watched as they fall into the music; as they move with it; the look on their face in a state of total bliss as they seem to become one with their instrument? This is what it was like watching Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, better known as 2Cellos, in concert on Thursday, Feb. 4.


I personally am not a huge follower of the two cellists. Before attending the concert, I had only heard two or three of their songs. However, after their performance last Thursday night, they just might have converted me.


For those who may not have heard of 2Cellos, they are Croatian cellists who rose to fame in 2011 after posting a YouTube video of their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” While their instrument may be the cello, they have pushed and broken the boundaries of the classical instrument. Not only do they play classical music, but they breach into genres such as pop and rock, playing covers for artists such as Bach, Vivaldi, AC/DC and Iron Maiden.


As the concert started, I was a little confused as they began with more classical, softer music. Of the songs I’d heard, it had always been fast paced, almost violent in the way they played. My confusion was quickly put to rest as they went into their third song. That was when I truly began to be sucked in. Though they mostly played covers throughout the night, I couldn’t tell you the names of the songs because they were so intricately entwined that they blended almost seamlessly together.


Because they have so little material, the performers would often speak to the crowd every three songs or so. Hauser was the most vocal. And I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to be laughing so much during this concert. But both men could be quite comedic; Hauser had a tendency to call every piece “so beautiful,” to a point where the crowd would say it with him.


About halfway through the concert, a drummer came onto the stage and for the remainder of the performance it was like I had gone to a rock concert. The concert was nearly sold out and at one point, everyone was on their feet. Often, Sulic and Hauser would involve the crowd in their performance, asking them to sing along.


Not only was there a clear love for the music as they played, their musical talent was absolutely phenomenal throughout. If you closely watched Sulic as he changed between chords, you could see him strumming with the same hand. Hauser was definitely the most active of the two, often getting onto his feet to play the high intensity songs.


As the performance went on, you could see the sweat forming on their shirts. Just by the third song, the strings on their bows were already snapping from the pressure and intensity with which they played. Most of all, I loved how much fun they were clearly having.


I had come into the theater expecting a good performance, but not expecting to truly enjoy it. I was quite pleasantly surprised and could not have been more glad to have been so wrong. While their tour goes on until April, unfortunately Monday, Feb. 8 was their last night in Florida. Information for any future performances in Tampa has not yet been released but I strongly encourage you to look up their music videos. You will not be disappointed!

Ivy Velazquez can be reached at Ivelisse.Velazquez@spartans.ut.edu

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