Editorial: Going Greener and Being Safe

It seems UT has turned green overnight.

This is definitely exciting for many students on campus an for The Minaret.

Last year UT hosted the Earth Charter Climate Change Community Summit on Oct. 11, 2008.

It was then, over a year ago, that UT seemed to never be on its way to becoming green even though they were hosting this summit.

Now, recycling which used to be a hastle for students has expanded from one to two single stream recycling dumpsters.
Fifteen smaller bins are on their way to campus. Students will have no choice but to recycle.

Richard Ogorek, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, said that the students are really the key to the success of the program.

So far, so good.

The cardboard recycling program during move-in was a huge success so more recycling should do even better.

UT students need to take advantage of the opportunity to recycle and lessen their own carbon footprint.

Don’t put trash in the bin!

Place only aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the smaller bins around campus.

We can make it work and we can make it work big. UT has the opportunity to be one of the most sustainable facilities in the Tampa area.

Why not push for it?

The wheels are spinning, why stop now?

Saving $125,000 a year from simply switching the lights in the Thomas Garage is a lot of money and that money is needed as the school continues to grow.

Although some of the lights and installation was not correct the first time, it will be very beneficial in the long run.

Some students saw a safety concern with the new lights and they had the right to be concerned.

Due to some of the recent incidents in the area and the realization that UT is in the middle of a big city has created some extra vigilance and this is good.

Safety is a huge task and everyone needs to take part. Continue to be aware of your surroundings and play it smart.
With the communities support in all of these areas UT can become greater.

As the new semester is still in its infancy, let’s think about what we want to accomplish by December and start now.

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