Students Forget to Schedule Relaxation in Their Busy Lives

“And on the seventh day He rested.”
Even God knows the virtues of kicking back and relaxing, and in the bustle of college life it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joy of relaxation.

This is my third year at UT and, despite adrenaline-filled nights dancing for hours at clubs, setting up open mics and writing for this paper—all fulfilling in their own way—oftentimes I’m happiest reading a book in Plant Park.

Trust me; this is hardly throw-away advice.

Last year, I was the editor-in-chief of “Quilt”, UT’s literary magazine, treasurer for Sigma Tau Delta, a member of GLTSBA, and, of course, putting in hours every Tuesday night at The Minaret.

Take into account my eighteen credit hours and my love of dancing (not that I had much time to go clubbing) and that’s vast hours of my life claimed.

I don’t regret working that hard at all; I’m passionate about all those organizations, and it was worth every hour I invested in them.

However, it’s easy to imagine how passion can transform into stress.

I would stare at my computer screen—half an exegesis on the New Testament done and a poetry portfolio to finish—literally tearing out my hair, leaving small curls from my afro all over the floor.

I would think: Derrick, what have you gotten yourself into?

All this work and you’ve missed an entire season of Ugly Betty! That’s time you’ll never get back!

But, before I exploded (or became bald) I’d call my friend Nicole and we’d have ice cream in Stadium; or, I’d text my pal Lindsey and shoot the breeze talking about the joys of softball.

It’s important to know when to zone out for a while.

Ensure you make time for yourself throughout your college life.

I heard “Derrick you do too much” so many times last year and the only way I managed to survive was to know when to relax.

Relaxation is a key part of a balanced breakfast…or…college experience.

But don’t take it too far. By take a break, I don’t mean party all the time, or neglect your obligations in favor of watching “Repo: The Genetic Opera” for the seventh time.

Relaxing means to take a step back from it all. Find some “me time” away from everything and do what you love to do: read, paint, jam on your guitar in Vaughn Courtyard, or take a nap.

So when your two research papers and a Powerpoint presentation are due the same week as your finals this semester, don’t forget to step back, breathe and relax for a while and think to yourself: This is good. This is very good.

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