Disney Stars: UT Orchestra Takes First Tour Through Orlando

It has been three years in the making, but, under the leadership of Dr. Libor Ondras, the UT orchestra has forged its musical legacy as an ongoing contributor to the university and the Department of Music. ‘

In its first tour, April 24-26, the orchestra performed for hundreds of students in high schools and an appreciative audience in Downtown Disney. ‘

A featured soloist for a Torelli trumpet concerto was UT’s professor of trumpet, Aric Brian.

It is well known that concert tours for any musical ensemble increase the musicianship of its members, a laudable educational goal. ‘

It is hoped that UT will find ways to continue to fund tours for all its worthy ensembles, instrumental and vocal. ‘ It is a wonderful way to make known the greatness of our university and its increasingly well-earned academic reputation. ‘

The students performing during the tour were excellent ambassadors for UT, and to them ‘Bravo.”

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