Take A Game Break With Top Summer Releases of the Season

With the end of the school year coming and just a little over a week left, I thought it was time for a classic top five list for games being released in the summer with the highest chance of being fantastic.

Number 5: ‘When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Ghostbusters!’ The upcoming Ghostbusters game is creeping up to its June 16 release, but why is it ranked so high?

The previous entries with the license to the video game realm have been somewhat of a horrible mess that people have been trying to repress for years.

The upcoming entry has been declared to be canon, yes I mean it’s Ghostbusters 3, to the license product. The majority of the actors are coming back to play their respective roles.

Dan Akyrold and Harold Ramis are writing the script, so expect the same humor you got from the movies to be in the game.

All of the videos I have seen for it are prepping it to be one of the best movie-license games for the current systems.

Number 4: This next game is long overdue for a sequel. The original game was released on the arcade and then ported to the Nintendo in ’87.

The sequel to this game was released on the Super Nintendo in ’94. Then it went into the darkness.

Now the sequel is being released on Wii, May 18, titled, ‘Punch-Out!!’.

Anyone who played Nintendo can remember this game and how hard it was back in the day: the crazy opponents you faced, against the hard difficulties of each opponents, and the bragging rights of telling people you defeated Mike Tyson.

This game will be the reason that the casual market will continue to play Wii and the hardcore crowd will give Wii another go.

Number 3: It’s always a true achievement when making a fantastic licensed video game. All of the nagging you get from the licenser is truly ridiculous, and if the developers can make a fun license product (like Spiderman 2), then they should have one eye kept on for their future games.

The developer whom I speak of created, ‘The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction,’ and their new game in production will be out in the market on June 9.

This game is known as ‘Prototype.’
You are a man-made weapon who has amnesia, and you go around murdering people to regain your memory. ‘Prototype’ aims for its M rated it has got from the ESRB since your character will be entering a blood-bath, and can be somewhat considered as a psycho.

Every video that has been released has not given me doubt that this will be a hit during the summer.

Number 2: The PC is a dying platform; no one is willing to argue against that. However, there are still several games that are truly meant for the PC that are being released onto the market.

This game is such an example, planning to be release on June 2, it shall have every casual gamer and house-wife screaming in joy, ‘The Sims 3.’

After many expansion packs to ‘The Sims 2,’ EA is finally giving us what we want: a true sequel to the hit franchise.

The Sims franchise has always been a very addicting one. For that one person who has no idea what ‘The Sims’ really is, it’s a game where you control a set of virtual characters from their childhood until their death. It is the closest thing you will get to a simulation of real life on any type of medium.

While not reinventing the franchise in any way, ‘The Sims 3’ plans to move the series where it has never gone before, and that is giving the whole neighborhood to move in time instead of solely your household.

‘The Sims 3’ has a very high chance of being the best PC game of this year, so what could possibly beat this juggernaut of a franchise and claim the no. 1 spot?

Number 1: The game that had the potential to beat ‘The Sims 3’ has some of the best developers from the last generation of the game.

The developer is called Sucker Punch, and their debut game for the Playstation 3 is finally being release into the wild on May 26, this summer’s no. 1 game: ‘inFamous.’

If you ever wanted a super-hero game that was not dragged down by its license, it will be ‘inFamous.’ Every Sucker Punch game has been of the highest quality of its time.

The choice of making your main character Superman-like or The Punisher-like is such an amazing concept. ‘inFamous’ has everything it needs to be another high-tier exclusive that the Playstation is sorely looking for.

These are my highly most anticipated titles that are being release in the summer.

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