New and Exciting Technology

Another school year comes to a close, but the world keeps on spinning, especially the world of technology.

Exciting new technologies are being fine tuned right now, and soon they’ll be at your service, making life ever so slightly easier (or bearable, depending on your outlook).

Adobe Story Tells Untold Tales

Ever search for a video on Youtube, but just couldn’t remember the name? You know it involves two affectionate ladies and a single container for holding beverages, but you just can’t remember the title for the life of you.

And lucky you, the idiot who posted the video entered no relevant search terms for the meta tags.

Adobe Systems has you covered. A new tool called Adobe Story is currently under beta testing. The same brilliant minds who brought you Photoshop are now developing a video searching service that will analyze a video’s script, automatically creating meta tags.

So if there’s memorable line from a video, you can type that in and, in theory, find the video you’re looking for.

However, this could become extremely dangerous if Adobe doesn’t tweak the system just right. I can imagine the horror searching for a line like ‘Do you remember the taste of strawberries and cream?’ from Sam’s awkward motivational speech from The Lord of the Rings would bring.

That’s No Wheat Thin, That’s a Speaker

The Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan developed ridiculously skinning speakers this year. How thin? About the size of a piece of paper.

Not only are they thin, but flexible, rollable and foldable. They’re basically Stretch Armstrongs with voices.

The company intends to begin installing the scrawny speakers in cars and behind LCD screens in the near future. They also hope to lower production costs to the point where a single speaker would cost only $20.

More Reason to Shake Your Wii MotionPlus

The Wii MotionPlus is an accessory for a Nintendo Wii-mote that provides a true 1:1 response. Basically that’s just a technical way of saying however and where ever the remote is moved, the Wii will sense exactly how it is moved.

You might be asking yourself, Isn’t that already what the Wii does? Isn’t that their selling point? Well, no. See, Nintendo sorta fudged the capabilities of the Wii, making them appear more realistic than they actually were.

Minute movements aren’t actually taken into consideration many times. But with the MotionPlus, all movements are sensed.

That’s right, you can swing around a lightsaber just like Luke Skywalker with a 1:1 response, but you’ll still look just as stupid as you do now with a normal Wii-mite.’

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