The Grille Receipt Change Causes Major Mix-up

At the end of the fall semester, the ordering procedure at the Grille in Spartan Club was remodeled.

Previously, students would place their order in the computer system and the people cooking the food would know what was ordered.

Once the food was received, a receipt would be given to the student who would take it to the register.

Recently, the process has changed, and the receipt is automatically printed for the student, who then takes it to The Grille and hands it to the cook to place an order.

When asked if this has become an inconvenience, freshman Meghan Dias said, ‘It’s not really annoying or anything, I just forgot to give the guy my receipt the first time and ended up waiting for a while.’

Amy Truong, the general manager of Sodexo dining services at UT, said she was not aware of the reasoning behind the modification.

She explained that it is possible this happened because the printer system behind the Grille would malfunction every so often.

The Minaret was the first to come to dining services about this adjustment. While there have been no substantial problems, the reasoning behind this remains unexplained as of press time.

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