“From Oxford to Harvard, Student Prepares for Second Distinguished School”

Harvard has only been a dream school for most students but for one University of Tampa student, that dream was in arm’s reach. Senior Charlie Connally has just been accepted to Harvard Law School.

‘I didn’t even think it was possible,’ Connally said.

Connally said he was on edge all week waiting to hear back from the school.

‘I was having the worst day ever and I remember getting back to my room and seeing that 617 area code on my caller ID,’ he said.

Immediately returning the call, a woman gave him with the news of his acceptance.

‘It took all of my composure not to yell in her ear,’ he said.

He said his mom was thrilled to hear the news too.

‘She’s spent the past two weeks trying to track down my kindergarten teacher,’ he said.

Connally said with a full schedule of honors classes, band practice, and basketball practice, he has always been disciplined. He said the memory of his father’s passing when he was 14 is what kept him motivated when times got tough.

‘He’s my inspiration. He’s who I keep working hard for,’ he said.
Connally is a Criminology and Government major who grew up in the Tampa area.

‘I’m going to miss the weather here. It’s been my home for the last 14 years,’ Connally said.

Connally also attended Oxford through the Honors Program where he made try-outs for their basketball team without even realizing it.

‘I thought it was for club basketball, then I found out I was on the team,’ said Connally.

Working all through college, Connally had jobs at Hollywood Video, Radio Shack, Gateways mentoring and now works as a Resident Assistant for the Honors floor in the Frank P. Urso dorm.

In his spare time, Connally enjoys reading comic books and working out. His freshman and sophomore year, he participated in the Iron Man competitions.

He recently visited Harvard with the UT Honors Program to partake in the Harvard Model UN. He represented the country Togo.

Although he was invited to apply at Yale, Connally is certain that Harvard is where he will be residing this fall.

‘I’m expecting cold weather and a lot of reading. My glasses prescription will most definitely go up,’ he said.

Connally says there is a simple strategy used in gaining success.
‘Just go to class and work hard.’

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