Asbestos We Could: Students Still In Tents

Several hundred Spartans remain stranded in the “tent city” outside of the Vaughn Center after an asbestos scare last year and the catastrophic flood earlier this semester.

ROTC students have been called in multiple times to curtail the rowdy crowd, stretching cadet forces even thinner against McKay and Smiley Hall insurgents and the newly declared anti-Greek Code of Conduct.

“It’s just a tough situation,” said junior Brock “Blood N’ Guts” Grimmel. “I see my buddies getting taken out by water balloon condoms, IWBD’s and golf cart accidents everyday.”

Grimmel has been fighting the good fight for nearly a whole year at this point.

“The hardest is when good guys get hurt or maimed by golf cart accidents that could have been prevented with a little standard maintenance.”

Students living in the tents have described the conditions as “inhumane,” citing the lack of housekeeping services, fresh toilet paper and, of course, air conditioning.

“It’s super icky out here,” said Sonia Hardeen, a sophomore.

Since the Tent City occupation began, ROTC has asked for and received a cadet surge. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to do the job.

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