UT asks Class of 2008 to give $20.08 for scholarships

UT Development Office

UT wants a little bit more of your money before you graduate, but they say it goes to a great cause.

UT is asking members of the class of 2008 to donate $20.08 to help raise the University of Tampa’s national rating and provide opportunities for future students.

Development officials say even a small donation could help improve UT’s ranking and the worth of its degrees, helping graduates get better jobs and make more money.

Despite this, it is difficult to convince students to give back to a school they are already paying tuition for.

“Even though $30,000 seems like a lot, it isn’t paying for everything,” explains Taylor Albertson Pinke, the Annual Fund Director for the school.

Because UT is a private school, the money used for scholarships is not from the government. Financial aid is currently being received by 87 percent of students. Alumni give money each year to ensure that the next group of incoming students will get a chance at a UT education as well.

Donations to the school also contribute to the sports fields, building development, electricity, and maintenance.

Most seniors are busy worrying about where they will live, work, and what they will do with the rest of their lives, not giving more money to a school they are getting ready to leave.

Senior and chair of the Senior Giving committee, Julie Becker, admits it’s a challenge.

“When I tell my friends and my roommates about it, they’re like, ‘Why would I do that?'” Becker explains.

The sooner an alum gets into the habit, the easier it is to keep them donating. The Senior Class Pledge Drive will get students into the habit before they have even graduated.

“We want to develop habits, and keep the habits going,” says Daniel Gura, Vice President of Development and University relations.

Becker hopes to earn $3,000 from the class of 2008, setting a new standard and beating the value of the gift from the class of 2007. The amount of $20.08 derives from the year 2008. Students have two years to pay the donation, only $10.04 a year.

Becker and the 12 other committee members will be working hard to advertise the drive after spring break.

“We will have tables in Vaughn and Sykes, and we just made water bottle labels with all of the information on them,” Becker explains.

A Facebook group was created for the drive, along with brightly colored pamphlets that will be given out across campus.

Part of the pamphlet reads, “It’s the right thing to do and even make your parents proud

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