Thats A Wrap! “Feast of Love” Showcases Deep Authentic Emotion

Beautiful.Stunning. Passionate. Honest. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this masterful piece of cinematic art. It’s been some time now since I went to the movie theatre and walked away completely and utterly satisfied.

For me to give you a simple plot overview of what this movie was about would be an injustice to the film, and honestly, quite difficult to do. All I can say is the director, Robert Benton, hit the mark when he placed a true romantic, a lesbian affair, a love struck recovering drug addict, young love, an adulterous wife, an abusive father, and a wise professor contemplating retirement in the same movie. As drastically different as these characters appear, it is amazing what events bring them in to each other’s lives. I think this film does something that, in my opinion, is not found in a large portion of today’s feature films. This movie boldly addresses the topic of “love” and how complicated it can be. I think Mr. Benton put a spin on the typical romance and dared to look at the darker aspects of human nature.

Most importantly, this movie was unbelievably passionate. Feast of Love hit all the levels. At one point you are laughing and at the next you find yourself on the verge of tears. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience cinematic excellence.

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