Security Office Answers Parking Questions

The University of Tampa encourages Campus Safety ‘ Security officers to strictly enforce parking policies, which are available online at

Failure to do so may result in loss of parking privileges. All students are required to register their vehicles, properly display valid parking permits, and park only in their designated parking areas.

It is illegal to park on North A Street, Brevard Street, in, around or near AMSCOT, Valencia Gardens or any of the privately owned areas on the South side of Kennedy Boulevard. Students parking in these areas may have their vehicles ticketed, towed or impounded by the property owners.

The University does not have the authority to intervene on behalf of students or their parents should that happen.

Freshmen, both commuters and residents, must use the West Parking Garage at all times.

Upper class residence hall students are required to use the Thomas or West Parking garages. The Thomas Parking Garage first floor and ramp as well as the West Parking Garage first floor are designated for Faculty, Staff and Visitors only. Students must use parking levels two and up in both garages.

Upper class commuter students are permitted to park in either the Thomas or West Parking garages, as well as campus spaces designated as Commuter Student Parking.

The Plant Hall, Sykes and Cass Building parking areas are restricted to faculty, staff and special event parking.

“Loading/Unloading Zone” areas are restricted to 15 minutes duration.

There is no parking on Poe Parkway or Brevard Street at any time.

A citation (ticket) appeal may be filed with the University Traffic Board within five business days of the citation date. Appeal forms may be obtained and returned to the Campus Safety and Security Office. Citations must be paid at the Bursar’s Office within 14 business days of the citation date.

Students should contact Campus Safety ‘ Security in advance regarding any questions, concerns or circumstances that may result in a citation or vehicle impoundment.

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