Fine Arts Talent Shines in Quilt’s Competition

Contests are supposed to bring out the best in all of us.

Fine Arts competitions are no different. They push wordsmiths in how well they can put words together; they pressure artists to see how clear they can paint images.

As a result, talent comes through, capturing attention and the imagination and setting the visionaries apart from the commentators.

Quilt’s recent writing competition did just that. According to organization members, many entries were submitted.

But at last weekend’s Quilt Coffeehouse event, the names of those exceptional artists were made known.

About 40 people gathered Saturday, March 24, in the Rathskellar to find out just who those visionaries are. Before their identities were revealed, roughly nine faculty and students performed 12 pieces.

The winners are as follows:

In the Fiction section, First place goes to Shari Murgado for “Fat.” The runners-up were Alex Davis for “Abedeil” and Christa Kremendiahl for “God’s Country.”

In the Art division, first place went to Christa Kremendiahl for “On Top,” which will be the cover photo for the next Quilt magazine, and the runners-up are Carolyn Diaz for “Key” and Katia Kogut for “Red Sweater.”

In the Poetry segment first place went to Lorien Mattiacci for “Brown-Eyed Girl” and the runners-up are Heather Goode for “Sycamore.”

“As students we get stuck in a bubble,” said Secretary of Quilt Heather Goode. “Events like Coffeehouse help us see beyond ourselves.”

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