Comedian “Puts the ‘Cerebral’ in ‘Cerebral Palsy'”

Highly inappropriate and even more hilarious, Josh Blue, winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” entertained a crowd of more than 200 at the University of Tampa on March 21.

Blue, who has cerebral palsy, poked fun at not only his disability, but public schools, audience members and his Paralympic soccer teammates, among other topics. He even blamed his cursing on a case of well-timed Tourrette’s.

“That’s the cool thing about having a disability,” joked Blue. “When you have one, you can have ’em all!”

Blue put the audience at ease early on when they laughed about his “cripple” jokes, because he laughed along with them. According to his Web site, Blue is “the comedian who puts ‘cerebral’ in cerebral palsy.”

Having cerebral palsy has not set him back. He is a member of the United States Paralympic soccer team, which traveled to the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. The games are held two weeks after the Olympics.

“I got injured and my coach had the nerve to put me on the disabled list,” said Blue.

Taking a break from his comedy show, Blue did a question and answer session with the audience, however, that comedy act did not stop there. After being asked where he was from, he responded that he was from Cameroon, in western Africa.

“My parents were teaching over there, and I think I was an accident

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