Academy Awards Push Leftist Agenda

The 79th Academy Awards, aired by ABC on Feb 25, were less of an awards show than a brazen act of wartime propaganda by the shameless secular-progressives who dominate the motion picture industry. At least that’s what Bill O’Reilly would have us think.
In the preface to his passionate manifesto, ‘Culture Warrior,’ O’Reilly analyzes the opposing sides of his cherished culture war: ‘On one side of the battlefield are the armies of the traditionalists like me . . . on the other side are the committed forces of the secular-progressive movement that want to change America.’ According to this logic, there can be no question as to which side Hollywood falls on.
No doubt horrified by legions of secular-progressives out there who would have our society praising gays and foreigners while apologizing for those great traditional American values encapsulated in D.W. Griffith’s immortal ‘The Birth of a Nation,’ O’Reilly has taken to the front lines to ensure that our posterity may inhabit a world where nothing is secular and, most importantly, they will never have to come face-to-face with a progressive thought.
With this in mind, O’Reilly vows to win the culture war by ‘expos[ing] the secular-progressive movement in our country for exactly what it is.’ If his golden opportunity to do so is ever to arrive, it rolled through the red carpet last Sunday night.
With their choice of Ellen DeGeneres, an open lesbian as host, the Academy was openly flouting the sacred traditional values that were upheld for countless generations of noble O’Reillys, immediately transmitted to Bill through the consecrated medium of his infallible Daddy.
Adding insult to injury, Ellen wasted no time praising the Oscars for two words that must’ve had the O’Reilly ancestry turning in their graves: ‘diversity’ and ‘internationalization.’ Referring to the nineteen nominations for Hispanic nations alone, she even spoke of a ‘foreign invasion’ of the Oscars. Ouch!
The stake was edged further into O’Reilly’s heart as Mexican directors of ‘Babel’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ were rewarded with Oscars. For God’s sake, ‘Babel’ took place on three continents in four languages! As for ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ it used the genre of ‘historical fantasy’ to vilify Franco’s fascists in Spain and glorify the leftist guerrillas in the mountains. What more proof does O’Reilly need that the movie industry is bent on a leftist agenda; what greater opportunity for exposing it and winning his culture war could he possibly ask for?
O’Reilly had to take the ‘internationalization’ of the Oscars as a personal affront. Alexander the Great never bothered to learn Persian, Napoleon never acquainted himself with Russian icon painting, Hitler didn’t visit Paris’ Th’eacute;’acirc;tre Mogador and Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t have to sit through hours of cinema to appreciate cultures that he has vowed to destroy!
The final salt in the wounds, however, arrived in the form of the Oscars for Original Score and Documentary Feature. Both of them went to Al Gore’s movie, ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ Though O’Reilly seems to have forsaken all decent and upstanding robber barons by hopping on the global warming bandwagon, it still must’ve been painful to watch Gore, whom he has previously compared to Dracula, adulated to the skies on such a public platform.
I’d be surprised if O’Reilly kept watching after Leonardo DiCaprio proudly pronounced Gore ‘a true champion for the cause.’ If he did, however, he would’ve heard Leo gloat that ‘this show has officially gone green,’ though it probably sounded more like ‘officially gone red’ to Bill.
I, for one, don’t expect the Great Culture Warrior to take all this without a fight. If past manifestations of pugnacity are any predictors of the future, expect O’Reilly to launch a full-blown counteroffensive against the secular-progressives of Hollywood. After all, much is at stake for Bill’s culture war; if the secular-progressives win, the world would become a haven of multiculturalism, tolerance and mutual understanding, and America would be transformed from the world community into a minuscule part of it.
Bill O’Reilly will surely not stand for any of this! He will never abandon his sacred values imparted to him by his sagacious Daddy, who in turn got them from his Daddy, the omniscient one. The Oscars were indeed a powerful statement for the secular-progressives, but they may have just fueled the traditionalists and their verbose leader, who have long been awaiting an opportunity to ‘expose’ and defeat their opponents.
The question, of course, is whether the traditionalist riposte will successfully land a blow, or whether O’Reilly will quietly accompany his traditional values to the family gravestone from which they came.

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