Photography Competition Kicks Off International Education Week

Over 60 photos were submitted by 30 students in this year’s international photography competition that kicked off the international Education Week at UT.

The competition featured 20 countries.

Out of the photos submitted there were first, second and third place winners.

In first place, submitting a photo of Santiago, Chili, was Kyle Hepp. In second place was Katherine Blatterfein, who submitted a piece from Delphi, Greece. And in third place was theater professor Dr. Mauguerite Folger who submitted a piece from her trip to Sounion, Greece.

Judi McDonald, program assistant of the International program, said that this is the second year for the competition.

“This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to display their pictures that they have taken from their trips in previous years,” she said. “Some have gone on their own and others have gone for a study abroad semester.”

McDonald said that the competition was a way to lure students to the Study Abroad program.

The study abroad program is for students wishing to study in different countries to gain classroom experience in different world cultures.

“We want people to step out of their box to see the world and travel and experience different cultures,”added McDonald.

The faculty study abroad program cost about $2,000 to $6,000, according to Associate Dean of International programs Dr. Marca Bear.

“The prices are in line with what the market values are in terms of what the service providers offer,” she said. “What we do have here is a high level of customization that sets us apart from other universities.”

However, even though international students are not exempt from the program, it is difficult for them to receive financial assistance.

“It is a growing program. If you went away as an international student, you sometimes could pay less using one of our providers, and we also have an exchange program,” McDonald explained.

As for the international photography competition, McDonald said that this would not be the last time this opportunity comes about.

“We will be having this competition every year to kick off International Education Week,” she said.

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