The Strawberry Festival is Back Spring 2023

By Daniela Garcia

Back in 1930, the residents of Plant City, Florida welcomed residents and visitors of the area to celebrate “The Strawberry Festival”, which would become the famous yearly event that captivates the people of Plant City and its surroundings. 

In order to keep a “piece of Americana” in time, the strawberry festival relates the American tradition of bringing people together through harvests and sharing their bounties with the community as a whole. 

What started as a celebration of a season of bountiful strawberries now is a yearly tradition, which centers on a fair that exhibits agriculture, commerce, industry, livestock, fine arts, horticulture, and crafts. 

Every year around the month of March, Floridians await to attend the infamous festival, which is an agricultural hub that centers on the quality of fresh produce of tomatoes, strawberries, citrus, and more with the hope of giving stardom to healthy eating, fresh products and uniting the people. 

However, the food and produce are not the only stars of the event. The attractions and entertainment available at the fair are what keep the crowd spinning into a day filled with fun.

From the days of March 2 to March 12, free and paid entertainment options were available at the scene, giving the public concerts, rides, shows, and games. 

The people are fans of the mechanical rides, which are popular for all ages. The Ferris wheel, scorpion, ‘tilt- a-whirl’, and haunted mansion were among the most popular choices that guaranteed a thrill-filled experience. 

If rides were not a matter of interest, the neighborhood village was sure to grab the attention of those who prefer a chill experience, window shopping, and indulging in treats.

The ambulant shops filled with a wide array of selected objects for sale are a sure attention grabber for the pedestrian passing through the site. The variety of colors around, and the miscellaneous objects for sale make the visitors go into a shopping frenzy, due to the variety of unique objects for sale.

Allowing small businesses and shops to have a moment to shine at a fair is a great way to boost recognition within the community and help many that might need the help.

 Due to the representation the fair gives small businesses, people are more willing to help them, resulting in a happy provider and happy customer relationship.

Making sure there is fun for everyone Is crucial for choosing an activity, and the excitement for the yearly event of the strawberry festival never misses. 

Due to their implementation of concerts in the venue, even more people are attracted to the place as they also give a chance to local small performers,musicians, and singers.

This year, the headlines kept people at their feet with “Winnie Nelson & Family”, “Chris Young”, “Sara Evans”, “Halestorm” and more among the most popular performers for the year.

With all the activities involved, the strawberry festival is a Floridian tradition to say the least. The ability to bring people together along with all of the classic all-American fun brings comfort to the community of Plant City and its extremities. 

The strawberry festival is sure to return next year and keep serving the people of Florida with unforgettable experiences and celebrating the plentiful life that Florida offers through food, livestock, music and more. 

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