What’s Going on With Black Twitter?

By Nisha Punwani

Black Twitter, one of the many sections of Twitter, is a safe space created by black people for black people. Black Twitter, as defined by google, is an “internet community mainly consisting of African-American users on the social network Twitter focused on issues of interest to the black community in the United States.”

Many believe that Black Twitter is separate from Twitter, but it is not. Some people may use the hashtag #blacktwitter, but most of the time to be a part of Black Twitter, you follow individuals who are vocal about their opinions on what is happening in the Black community.

Black Twitter is used to having discussions on topics that are in the interest of the Black community. Different conversations and opinions are shared for people to discuss how they feel about issues the black community finds important.

Recently with the death of prominent Black figures such as Kirshnik Khari Bal, a rapper known as “Takeoff,” the death of young rappers has been a prominent discussion within black twitter.

Takeoff was a part of a trio rap group known as the Migos, and recently he was killed in a shooting that injured another member of the group, Quavo.

The shooting is thought to be caused by an argument between Quavo and others over a dice game and a disagreement over basketball.

This incident sparked an ongoing conversation about the gun violence issue within the Black community. This was not the only issue that sparked a recent occurring conversation.

The musician, Drake, also released a new album, which many have commented on, with Drake’s name-dropping in songs. Drake called out the names of many celebrities in his album, two of which have sparked much conversation.

He names Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian, stating that Ohanian was a “groupie.” Drake also subtly called out Megan Thee Stallion, saying, “This b—  lie ’bout getting shot, but she still a stallion.”

Drake is, of course, talking about when Megan talked about allegedly being shot by rapper Tory Lanez. Megan Thee Stallion has been outspoken about the incident, and how many people do not believe her and claim she is lying.

Both Megan and Williams, along with her husband, have made comments on Drake’s album. Megan said that he was not brave enough to call her out. Alexis Ohanian states that he is a groupie for his wife and kid. Black Twitter also seems to be rallying against Drake for his comments calling him desperate and sad.

Another topic still being discussed on Black Twitter is the antisemitism currently going on because of Kanye and how Kanye’s actions affect people in the community. 

Recently Kanye was dropped from most companies that he was partnered with, a big one being Adidas. Adidas partnered with Kanye on his Yeezy brand and dropped him because of his recent antisemitic comments. 

Kanye’s post and words also seem to have gotten many people to be outspoken on their antisemitism, with an antisemitic group standing on a bridge holding signs saying Kanye was right and raising their arms in the Nazi symbol. Kanye’s words could be putting people’s lives in danger. 

Those are only some of the topics on Black Twitter at the moment. If Black Twitter were to fade, they would find another social media website to continue conversations. Black Twitter is a safe space for Black individuals to speak their minds on topics that may negatively or positively impact the community.

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