The Problem With Children Dressing Up as Serial Killers for Halloween 2022

By Daniela Jimenez

Netflix’s new Dahmer series has created a lot of controversy since it came out a month ago. Jeffrey Dahmer has become the latest person people are obsessed with. But people idolizing a serial killer is nothing new. 

This all began when parents started posting pictures on social media with their kids in glasses Dahmer wore, white shirts drenched in fake blood, and a polaroid camera around their neck. Some were dressed in the type of clothing he used to wear like flannel shirts or the same orange jumpsuit he wore to court. 

An incident occurred where a mom  was banned from a party because she dressed her baby as Dahmer. As she was kicked out of the party, the mother went on to address the situation and said that, “people can’t take a joke anymore.” She went on to say, “People dress up as Chucky and Michael Myers all the time.”

It is important to realize that most of the children in the pictures seem to be enjoying the costume without even realizing what it stands for. Yes, it’s true that all throughout the celebrations of Halloween, people have dressed up as fictional killers that were shown on movies and TV shows. However, people need to understand there is a difference between dressing up as a fictional character and a real killer who actively sought out to hurt people in real life.

The recent controversy has also led a lot of people on social media to deem these types of parents as “unfit” or “careless” for thinking of the idea.

Rapper Ice-T even went on Twitter to take his opinion on the subject, writing, “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone dressed up as DAHMER this Halloween…And got their ass beat. Just sayin.”

On ABC Channel  10 news, an article was posted with an email about a man who was having a discussion with his wife on whether their 16-year-old son should dress as Dahmer for this year’s Halloween. 

According to the man, he doesn’t believe Dahmer deserves all of the attention. He also goes on to say that, “As pictures are posted on social media it wouldn’t be a good look.”

The spokesperson for the show, Harrison Gereau, said he agrees that his son shouldn’t dress up as Dahmer and it “seems inappropriate.” 

As all of this goes, I’m not surprised people would think of dressing up as Dahmer and think it is appropriate. 

All throughout social media, people have glamorized serial killers as big companies release these documentaries about them and somehow depict them in a way that makes it seem fine that they killed multiple people.

Now take in mind, it is true that ever since Halloween began we had no problem dressing up serial killers or fictional characters that were murderers. We as a culture have made it seem like it is okay that on Halloween people can dress up as killers, no matter the costume.

So why are we putting rules on it all of a sudden?

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe it’s disrespectful for all of the victims’ families to have to go through all that pain again as they see these people dressed up as the person who killed their loved one. But, take in mind, we as a whole can’t be surprised this is happening because we were the ones that said it was okay to do. 

While a lot of people may not agree with what I say, take a look next time at what you or your friends choose as your Halloween costume.

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