Kardashians Have Started Reversing Body Trends

By Daniela Jimenez Roman

Ever since the beginning of social media, the Kardashians have been a catalyst for trends, fashion and what’s “in.” Even before plastic surgery was the brand new thing, they were ahead of the game by using laser removal and botox for their faces and facial hair.

In the mid 2000’s and 2010’s when the Kardashians began their hit show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, they began by telling their story of how they became famous and clearing any myths about “butt lifts.” But the truth is…it wouldn’t be the first time they kept secrets about going under the knife to change their physical appearance. 

Around 2015, the youngest, Kylie Jenner, who was 17 then, began showing off her now “new” plump lips which were vastly larger than what they had been. It was a while before she admitted to doing anything to them.

However, before Kylie got her lips done, it’s no secret the Kardashians were known for their Brazilian butt lifts when the era of “skinny” and long-waisted thin models was in. They would stand out and everyone was there to give them the attention they were seeking. While the Kardashian sisters were emphasizing how important it was for them to look good, one of them was struggling in the eyes of the media. Khloe Kardashian had always seemed to have a perfectly normal body, yet the media and everyone around her would call her out for being “fat” or not as good-looking as her sisters.

After years of being criticized by the media, Khloe Kardashian lost weight and even began her own brand of “body-positive” jeans and weight-loss reality TV show. But, after years in her weight loss journey, fans and the media now have started to criticize her again, but this time,  for being too thin. 

Meanwhile, her older sister Kim Kardashian has started losing weight too, even proclaiming in the media that she had to lose 20lbs in a short amount of time to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress. 

With both sisters now promoting their weight-loss and talking so publicly in the media about “getting their ass up to work,” people have started wondering if they have now changed the “trend” of what body type is in.  After years of lip fillers and butt implants, the Kardashians have seemed to remove them in order to fit this new physique of skinniness. But their rapid weight-loss and fast journey within months have made people wonder if they are taking other extreme measures in order to be able to construct this unattainable and unrealistic new body.

During an interview with Daily Mail, Kim admitted that she cares a lot more about what people think and that in order to get her tight stomach she has been injecting her body with a new type of “botox” called Morpheus8. In the interview, the doctor was explaining what the procedure does and Kim replied “that she didn’t care, that she just wanted to look good.”

Since then, they have become more honest with their audience,  talking about all their cosmetic procedures from micro-needling to nose jobs. However, their Instagram posts may beg to differ. The Kardashians are notorious for not  coming clean to their younger audience about the filters and procedures they go through to actually put on the face and body to take the perfect shot. 

Does this mean now that they are beginning to start the trend of “skinniness” again? As an eating disorder activist I do not agree with the way they are projecting their body image on the media. The fact that already too many girls look up to them and will believe that in order to be comfortable with themselves they will have to change their physical attributes is something I would not want my daughter to see or think. They are promoting unrealistic expectations of what real human bodies look like and it’s causing a major wave of harm to girls who already don’t feel comfortable in their skin. The Kardashians or any celebrity, shouldn’t be the ones to say what is “Trending” when it comes to our natural bodies. WOmen and men should feel safe and comfortable in their own skin without having to feel like they have to compete online with who is the better looking of them all. 

If anything, people in power should teach younger people how to embrace their bodies, how to love their bodies, nurture their bodies and how to just be blessed to have a body that works and keeps us alive everyday. We put so much weight and pressure into what we think we should look like when in reality at the end of the day everyone’s head is in their own problems. So no matter what type of body you are, how you physically look like or where you are in life, we should just be grateful that at least are body is doing our best to do what it does best, survive.

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