Kanye West is on a Downward Spiral

By Nisha Punwani

Kanye West, a well-known musician, has fallen under much well-deserved scrutiny. West has recently made comments and gestures that have offended a lot of communities, especially the Jewish community. 

The controversies began on Oct. 3 when Kanye West wore a White Lives Matter shirt at Paris Fashion Week. His controversial attire sparked conversations about West’s beliefs and later led to his destructive ranting on social media. 

Many were understandably angry with West’s shirt, as it gives the impression that he supports the White Lives Matter movement. White Lives Matter is a phrase created by a white supremacist as a racist response towards Black Lives Matter. 

West, being a Black man himself, sparked many conversations and had  people contacting West himself. He proceeded to go on a rant on social media, which led him to make an antisemitic comment. 

“I am a bit sleepy tonight, but when I wake up, I am going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” said West.

He has since continued his antisemitic comments and is receiving backlash that he continues to reply to with even more hate. People that are a part of the Jewish community have a right to express their animosity towards West. 

With West’s recent spread of hate on Twitter, his irrational behavior led to leaking about where his children attend school, which caused Kim Kardashian, West’s ex-wife, to heighten security to protect the children. Kanye is not only putting his life at risk but his children’s as well. 

Many people blame West’s recent influx of hate posts on his diagnosed bipolar disorder. 

However, being bipolar does not excuse racism. West should be held accountable for his actions and banned from social media for spreading hate. 

Celebrities, like Elon Musk, are finding ways to justify West’s actions with comments such as, “Talked to ye today & expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart.”      

This does not excuse West’s comment and does not give a reason for why he is still allowed to make such offensive comments on social media.

Someone needs to give West a wake up call and make him see  the truth about how what he is doing harms him and his kids. 

As time goes on, he continues to spread white supremacist rhetoric. He spreads false rhetoric against communities that can incite violence against people. 

The holocaust museum invited Kanye to educate himself on his antisemitic tweet. Hopefully, he accepts the invitation and understands why threatening people is wrong. 

Videos of West in an interview have also leaked, showing that his mental state is deteriorating. With comments about his children being abducted and conspiracy theories against Jewish people, it is sad to see a beloved musician becoming a public spectacle instead of getting the help he needs. 

From his comments in the early 2000s until now, West has been on a slow decline. He will continue to lose fans with his words. Hopefully, he gets the help he needs from professionals because he clearly requires it. 

Usually, Kanye West fans will find ways to explain his actions, but it seems now many of them are stumped. With his actions being appraised and down-praised by different celebrities, he does seem to understand  that what he is doing is negatively impacting him. 

West will continue to lose supporters as time goes on and as he continues to spread his hateful rhetoric on social media. It seems the best thing to do is ban him from social media and get him the mental help he desperately needs. Others seem to agree as his twitter account was recently blocked due to his harmful comments.

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