TikTok Music: Is It Good or Just Popular

By Brianna Davila-Viera

When an artist releases new music, you would think that their fans would know the lyrics word for word. Well, that isn’t necessarily true for some artists. I have seen so many instances of a song being popular for a particular verse due to social media, and that being that only lyrics fans know. It is especially embarrassing seeing an artist perform their entire song that went viral for a single verse and the crowd only knowing that one part and sitting in silence for the remainder of the song.

That’s when the question of whether a song is good or just popular because of it going viral on TikTok comes into play. Many songs have gone viral on TikTok, whether that be from a TikTok dance, the artist or another TikToker posting a video to the song. I have found plenty of new songs that I enjoy through TikTok and can say that I have songs on my Apple Music that are connected to dance TikTok trends. I can also say that I have songs on my playlists that I do not necessarily know all the lyrics to.

A good example would be Munch (Feelin’ U) by Ice Spice. I have heard the same verse all over TikTok and I honestly did not find the song good, however, some people do, and that’s cool. The only thing is that when the artist goes to perform it, no one knows the words of the song except for that one part. I have seen plenty of performances where Ice Spice is singing the song, and everyone is quiet until that verse comes on, which is quite embarrassing if I say so myself. 

The songs on TikTok are just what they are; songs on TikTok. Both good and bad songs are made popular through TikTok alike.

Another example would be Pink Venom by BLACKPINK. The song is not the greatest that the band has released, but was made popular through TikTok not only because of their fans, but the multiple viral trends set to the song that swept the internet. It isn’t a song that nobody would know the lyrics to, but it is a song that is solely popular because of the chorus, and it is trending through TikTok. Ever had a piece that you didn’t like, yet always caught yourself singing to at random? That is “Pink Venom for me.

 As songs come out, it seems that they are mostly used to create a new trend or challenge on TikTok, and it just feels like the songs are neither authentic nor interesting to me. Whenever a new song comes out and is trending on TikTok, I feel like it is not necessarily good, but rather gains popularity due to the nature of the app. I think music is becoming too alike to the point that it’s no longer fun waiting to listen to or look forward to.

The fact that people do not know the lyrics to songs from an artist that they paid money to see is showing how much people aren’t looking forward to them or willing to play the song on repeat. I remember when I went to a concert and nobody knew the words to one song. The artist kind of looked at us with disappointment because it was a song that was released years ago, and it was resurfacing on TikTok and Instagram as a popular sound. However, nobody knew the lyrics except for the chorus. It was embarrassing for me because I felt like my sister and I were the only ones singing along.

Music used to be a form of expression for some and an escape for others, but recently it seems like it isn’t relatable or hard-hitting as it used to be. I remember crying to music because of how good it was and being proud of the artist that I was supporting. I can also say that different cultures are now producing more westernized music, causing a lack of that cultural flare that it used to have.

I remember having a conversation with one of my roommates and we both agreed that a certain K-Pop group was becoming more westernized because of their popularity or influence in the United States. We both agreed that we lost interest in the group because of the lack of originality and how much they allowed the U.S. to influence what we loved about them.

Music is becoming less interesting, as new artists are not bringing as much originality as before and are making music that is designated for TikTok. I haven’t been able to grasp a music genre without feeling that it will only become popular through TikTok. The thing that used to be a form of expression and escape for me no longer exists. Instead, I’d rather listen to podcasts or YouTube videos because of how boring music has become.

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