Sykes Computer Lab Closing Is Detrimental to Business Majors

By Lauren Johnson

As a writing major, I spend most of my time in Plant Hall. To me, the Sykes College of Business is a place of mystery and enigma, but to others, it is a second home. The two-story building holds classes for potential business leaders of the world and the future of our economy and society. The only computer lab in Sykes is closing down, which to me is not something to worry about in my circle of the world, but The University of Tampa business students have some concerns about the subject.

Whether you are a new student or have been taking classes at UT for a while, you have probably noticed all of the construction within the last few years. We all deal with change differently but we should recognize the change going on around us, nevertheless. 

After talking with some faculty about the closing of Sykes computer lab, it was said that there is a new computer lab in the recent addition of the Technology Building. While that may seem like a better place to house a computer lab, the loss of a lab in the business building is affecting current students with classes in the aforementioned building. 

The new Technology Building is mainly for areas of study such as cyber security and computer science, along with the Department of Communications and Film, Animation, and New Media. The front desk on the first floor will help with all your technology issues, which we have all dealt with over these few years, along with the new computer lab. The Academic Success Center has moved to the second floor of the building, as well as tutoring and testing areas. The third through sixth floors are department offices and class/conference rooms, which include the Security Operations Center (SOC).

With the closing of the Sykes College of Business computer lab, business students feel that there is no place to study or facilitate group projects. 

According to  junior business major, Ariana Blume, Sykes is “old and outdated,” and the two floors of the Sykes building don’t give enough space to the highly decorated major at UT. 

UT’s business program is one of the best in the country, which UT likes to advertise. So why are their resources not up to par with the accomplishments of the college? 

Two other junior business majors, Laura Finneran and Amanda Sherlock agreed that “the business major is highlighted within UT but space is limited.” Amanda went on to explain how she met up with classmates for group projects in the Sykes computer lab and now there isn’t a space like that for them to go.
While these new resources on campus are fun and exciting, we also need to realize the resources that are being taken away and how we can solve these problems for different majors. Although the Technology Building is a great addition of resources to campus, the removal of Sykes’ computer lab is detrimental to the education and studies of business majors.

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