EDC Back After COVID-19

By Matteo Herrera

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) took place in Orlando, Florida from November 12-14 at Tinker Field. It is the music festival of all music festivals and features electronic dance music (EDM), which includes tropical, rock, hip-hop, and more genres in EDM. 

EDC is one of the top ten EDM and Dance Festivals in North America, according to festicket, one of their official partners.  

EDC is back after a pause due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic hit, in 2019, more than 200,000 fans attended the event, however recently there was news about concert safety with the tragedy at the Astroworld concert in Houston. 

However, there were no occurrences during or after the festival. 

Officials of the event said that approximately 83,000 people attended only the first night of the weekend. They expected around 280,000 people to attend the festival throughout the weekend. 

The festival had six stages, all with their unique niche. Circuit grounds consisted of multiple screens with a hardcore feeling of electronic music. Neon Garden had a dome feeling with lasers going up and down. This garden consisted of more techno music which was next to Kinetic field, the main stage with the most known DJs. 

“Felt like a feather, unity was the most prominent them of the weekend. Cares were out the window and you didn’t even have to think about living in the moment because that’s what everyone was already doing,” said University of Tampa student Andrew Martins, a Finance major. 

The cryptocurrency application, Coinbase, held their own stage called Rhyno Bus which was next to Circuit grounds. The stage had its own section with artifacts and advertisements for people to sign up for the app and invest into cryptocurrency.

There was also a ferris wheel and swings next to the Stereo Bloom stage. Lastly, there was the Corona Electric beach, which gave off a real aura of a beach and had fake sand throughout the stage where people could dance.

Attending this festival allowed me to connect to multiple different people around the world. At every stage there were flags from multiple countries and it felt great to be connected to people through music. I went to the festival with some of my fraternity brothers and got to meet more of Sigma Chi brothers from other parts of the country. 

I was the tour guide for my group since I had been to the festival before for just one day instead of all three. Some members of my group did not listen to EDM before the festival, however, after attending the music festival all of them have been listening to EDM nonstop.

Music connects people throughout the world, even if it is music they don’t like at first. Music has its impact on how the listeners feel. 

Many people who attended the festival will always have the feeling of happiness when listening to the music since it brings back memories of their time there. Especially when spending it with friends who turned into family. 

The group I attended EDC with will forever be in my heart, because we learned so much about each other and became closer than what we were before. My friends turned into family only through a weekend at the Electric Daisy Festival. 

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