Adele Announces New Album Release After Six Years

By Haley Connor

English singer-songwriter Adele recently announced that she will release her next album 30 on Nov. 19. This album will be her first since her 2015 release, 25.

Ever since she released a sneak peak of one of her songs, there has been a lot of growing excitement on social media, especially TikTok. 

“I am an avid TikTok user and after she gave a preview to one of her new songs that is going to be in her album my TikTok has been blowing up with various videos of everyone showing their excitement,” said Donald Jasinski, business major. 

According to The List, in 2011 the singer-songwriter went through an intensive vocal surgery after she “suffered from a vocal cord hemorrhage”. She then waited until 2015 when she released her next album and went on tour. Everything seemed to be going fine after the surgery until 2017 when Adele had to cut concerts short and eventually end her tour early because of the pain from her vocal cords.

“Since vocal cords are hard to be recovered, once it is damaged, it doesn’t surprise me that one can’t function normally as before,” said Hein Jung, associate professor of voice and director of vocal studies at The University of Tampa. 

Even though this was a large setback for Adele, this has made her album release announcement highly anticipated by her fans.  

“I am extremely excited for Adele’s next album release,” said Samantha Ryan, senior communications major. “I love her music and I have been waiting for her to make this announcement. I had tickets to her concert in 2017 but unfortunately her concert was cancelled and I was extremely devastated.” 

In 2019, the singer-songwriter filed for divorce which was then finalized in 2021. On a recent Instagram livestream, the singer announced the divorce will be the inspiration behind her new album. 

Adele’s divorce accompanies many other major changes in the singer’s life.

According to a 2020 article published by Life & Style magazine, Adele revealed her 100 pound weight loss on her 32nd birthday. She wore a little black dress for the photo and talked about her exercise routine and the other healthy lifestyle choices she incorporated into her daily routine to get the results she wanted. 

“I have been an Adele fan since I was super young,” said Jasinski. “I have been listening to her old albums for weeks, I love reminiscing on her old music and I am so excited for her new album to come out.”

A lot of Adele fans feel the same way and are extremely excited for what she is going to release next. 

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