UT’s New Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

By: Latifa Waithera Zain

The University of Tampa’s plan to support enrollment growth and enhance campus life has led to four new undergraduate and graduate programs.  

UT is investing a substantial amount in information technology and security with the construction of the 191,000-square-foot new technology building. One of the programs set to be housed in this building is the new computer science major. 

According to an article by The Wall Street Journal, the world is shifting increasingly online and with the recent increase in cyber attacks this field is believed to be of grave importance not just in Tampa, but worldwide. 

“UT excels at providing students with intensive, high-quality learning experiences,” said Stephanie Tripp, associate professor of communication at UT. “We also are located within a thriving urban area with a growing technology sector—a perfect setting for a degree focused on cutting edge technologies.”

The professional education and professional selling minors are two other additions UT has made to the undergraduate catalog. A minor in professional education will provide any UT student with the opportunity to cross over into the field of teaching. 

The course work meets with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) requirements for the Professional Training Option (PTO) and will provide students with a temporary teacher certification in the state of Florida upon completion. 

“It will expand the horizons of those like me, who want to teach but don’t know where to begin,” said Courtney Terwilliger, sophomore criminology major.

Terwilliger is thinking of seeking a career in education and is thankful that the minor is available to all non-education majors.  

In addition, UT has added a new Masters of the Arts program in social and emerging media. 

“The program blends technological expertise with the creative arts and promotes peer engagement and faculty mentoring,” said Tina Gutierrez-Brewster, admissions counselor and UT2UT Coordinator. “It introduces students to state-of-the-art research methods, strategies, production, and practices for social and emerging media.” 

UT’s graduate school will be holding a Q&A session on Tuesday, Sept. 14 at noon for those interested in the program.

“As one of the faculty members who proposed the program, I can say that we sensed there was a demand for this type of graduate degree in Florida and we knew that faculty across several departments in the College of Arts and Letters had the expertise to deliver it,” said Tripp. 

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Dr. Stephanie Tripp, Associate Professor of Communication and Program Director of MA in Social and Emerging Media

Students interested in an M.A. in social and emerging media can begin the admissions process on the UT website.

UT students and alumni who meet the graduate program’s standards are guaranteed admission to several of UT’s graduate programs, including the M.A. in social and emerging media. 

The university has set up a pathway for UT students seeking graduate degrees that will quicken the process and jumpstart their careers. This pathway waives application fees and students will receive special consideration for admissions.

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