The Next Miami? Rapid Growth Expands Throughout Tampa

By Jolie Prins

Tampa, Florida is only growing as time goes by. More businesses are popping up, more are moving to the city, and more students enroll every year. 

Tampa is blowing up in popularity as one of the many cities in the sunshine state of Florida. The city also has many jobs that are becoming available with more income to be made.

In 2013, the median household income was $42,000 and grew to be $55,000 in 2019. That indeed is the result of the economy growing and more moving to the Tampa Bay area. 

The population in Tampa is also growing as the years approach us. In 2013, the population of Tampa was 343,000 and grew to be 387,000 in 2019. 

The massive growth in such a short time calls for more adaptations from the city. This includes more jobs and things as well as restaurants to do in the city. 

“Moving from Pennsylvania to Tampa was a big decision for me,” said Noah Luke, University of Tampa junior film and productions major. “I know how big the city of Tampa is getting and how many opportunities there are for me, so I want to take advantage of that.”

Personally, when I moved from New York to Florida, I was scared because I have been so used to what was there that such a significant change came with lots of nerves and worries of not being comfortable moving.

When I moved to Florida and then eventually to Tampa, I saw how many opportunities there are for me to succeed no matter what I do. Also, there are many activities to do compared to what I was doing before. 

In 2013, the university’s enrollment was at 7,343 students. Now in 2021, the enrollment is at an all-time high of 9,605 students. 

With the university’s central downtown location, the high number of students enrolled at UT is only suitable for the economy, which is adding to the growth of the city. 

Many new apartment buildings are being built downtown, like The Henry, which tailors their apartment building for off-campus student housing. This would not be an option unless more students enroll at UT, which allows the city of Tampa to keep expanding. 

In Tampa, the unemployment rate in January 2020 was a low of 3.2%, and the city holds seven fortune 500 companies, including Publix Supermarkets and Raymond James Financial.

Tampa itself is the perfect city, in my opinion. Still, with Tampa being an hour to Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, and being four hours from Miami, it makes it easy to see other places as well. 

“When I decided to move to Tampa, I knew it was an upcoming city in Florida,” said Adam Salloum, junior marketing major. “I also have family in Fort Myers and Orlando, so knowing how close I had to family made my move easier.”

Tampa is the third quickest growing city in Florida and is the ninth quickest growing city in the U.S. 

As the city grows, there will only be more things to do, more businesses popping up, and more people in the up and coming city of Tampa, Florida.

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