Netflix Spotlights Tampa Real Estate in New Reality Show

By Emily Cortes

Allure Realty located at 1315 E 7th Ave. in Ybor City, is about to hit Netflix as a new Selling Sunset style show. Owner of Allure Realty and military veteran, Sharelle Rosado, heads the all female, Black cast who’s selling luxury real estate across Tampa Bay. The show does not have an official name so far, however, the producers of Selling Sunset have been clever enough to possibly name it “Buying Bayshore.

Rosado began Allure Realty in 2019 after she finished a 13 year long military career. The details on when the show will air and more about the cast has not been released, but a photo of realty agents Alexis Williams, Tennille Moore, and Juawana Williams, Sharelle Rosado, Anne Sophie, Karla Giorgio, Colony Reeves, and Rena Frazier was posted to their Instagram for International Women’s Day. They tagged their location at the local event space and photo studio, Hyde House Tampa. 

The drama of reality television may have a different feeling when the locations on the screen are familiar to you. It will be interesting to see some drama unfold at familiar spots downtown and maybe even in St. Petersburg, Florida. Some filming even took place at a clothing store in Hyde Park Village last week. 

The niche genre of reality TV, real estate TV, and the drama around being the most successful on and off the camera is what attracted so many to the original format of the show, Selling Sunset. Not to mention the rise of the housing market in the Tampa Bay area is attracting many. 

Having a Netflix series that features the city of Tampa and surrounding businesses, and stars an all Black and female cast may appeal to a wide audience and will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate local celebrities. 

The Minaret reached out to Allure Realty to ask some questions about what to expect from the new show, when it will air, and how Rosado and Netflix worked out this opportunity, but they could not provide any more information than what was already released in Netflix’s press release. The press release also revealed that Selling Sunset will be renewed for a fourth and fifth season on Netflix, so keeping an eye out for an air date for both series could reveal a timeline spoiler. 

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