Student Government holds donation drive for army unit

by Katelyn Massarelli

Director of Programming for Student Government (SG) Maliya Griffiths, sophomore political science major, spent time talking to her mom over the phone, a limited luxury given her mom’s Army deployment in Jordan. Over the phone, Griffiths learned her mom’s unit was attacked.

All soldiers came out uninjured after an explosion in trailers designated for the high ranked officers at the refugee camp they were stationed by. Though they escaped, they had to leave everything behind.

Griffiths planned to send a care package to her mom with some supplies to get her by, but she also decided to go to the next SG Cabinet meeting and ask other SG officers for support and if they have anything they can donate. Student government president James Meslener, senior management major, stepped up and suggested they start a donation drive for the unit.

“I didn’t expect everyone to get on board like they did,” Griffiths said. “James [Meslener] was very encouraging.”

SG’s donation drive is looking for items that will help rehabilitate the troop’s supplies and boost morale. SG will accept donations until Oct. 15.  

SG has made their own donations with SG gear and other items encouraged to send over to the troops. Meslener also consulted veterans on campus to get an idea of what troops would need overseas and drafted a list for anyone able to donate.

Meslener stressed the importance of helping Griffiths get the word out around campus.

“SG is a family,” Meselener said. “Not only that, but I’m a big army supporter with family that has served, so it’s a big thing for us to get involved.”

Certain items can’t be sent to troops serving overseas. The list of things troops can receive ranges from non-perishable foods like trail mix and granola bars, toiletries and miscellaneous things like footballs and decks of cards.

Anyone who can donate can drop off their items at SG’s office located in Vaughn Center 220. The office is always open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day with an SG officer in the room. For more information, email

List of items to donate for the Army Unit:

  1. Food
    1. Hot Sauce Packets
    2. Protein Bars
    3. Pringles (Hard Container)
    4. Beef Jerky
    5. Granola Bars
    6. Ramen
    7. Trail Mix
    8. Sunflower seeds
    9. Oatmeal
    10. Mixed Nuts
    11. Gum
    12. Gatorade Packets
  2. Toiletries
    1. Toothbrush
    2. Q-Tips
    3. Lip Balm
    4. Hand Sanitizer
    5. Tissues
    6. Toothpaste
    7. Disposable razors
    8. Eye drops
    9. Body wash
    10. Baby powder
    11. Deodorant
    12. Gold Bond
    13. Lens wipes
    14. Shampoo
    15. Feminine hygiene products
    16. Floss
    17. Hand lotion
    18. Baby wipes
    19. Shaving gel
  3. Miscellaneous:
    1. Deck of Cards
    2. Small air pump
    3. Soccerball
    4. Volleyball
    5. Frisbee
    6. Cooling towels
    7. Football
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