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How to Create your own Healthy Environment

by Katelyn Massarelli Let’s make this clear —I’m the last person who should be educating others on how to create a healthy environment. Even though I’ve struggled with my health on top of everything else in college, recognizing that is the first step to correcting the behavior. From work to school to managing an organization […]

Journalism week features alumni, reminds of the fields importance

By Katelyn Massarelli The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) named 2019 the “Year of the Student Journalist” along with the Freedom Forum Institute and the Newseum. Time Magazine named the Guardians Person of the Year as they fight the war on truth. Meanwhile, journalists continue to fight for the freedom to report and hold those […]

Spartans heat it up during winter break

By Katelyn Massarelli Swimming Women and men’s swimming is currently gearing up for the Sunshine State Conference (SSC) and NCAA championships coming up this semester. Over the break, the women’s team continued to dominate and have remained undefeated. The Men’s team has also lead their season with only two losses. Over the break, both teams […]

Time Magazine’s The Guardians are a step up for journalists

by Katelyn Massarelli Time Magazine announced their pick for Person of the Year in late December as “The Guardians” and their role in the War on Truth. While this announcement was meant to recognize the entirety of journalism, it made a point to highlight the late Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered this […]

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