Spartans are ready for Spring Break


An entire week of relaxing, forgetting about homework and zero stress is almost here. While some students plan to spend spring break with friends, traveling to a destination, others plan to be more calm and go home to visit family.

Daniel Triana, a sophomore international business major, said he is going on a spiritual, but adventurous journey to Spain along the St. James route.

“This route is also a Patrimony of Humanity that travelers from all over the world walk from different points in France, Portugal and Spain to reach Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where the relics of the apostle Santiago are venerated,” Triana said.

Triana said that he has done this trip in the past in 20 days and walked a total of 383 miles starting in Lisbon, Portugal. He wants to repeat the experience but make it shorter this spring break, starting from Northwestern Spain with his cousins.

“We plan to walk 64 miles in six or seven days, it is going to be so special, a connection with nature, God and yourself,” Triana said. “We are going to start in a place call Siarra, a route that has the minimum miles required to get ‘La Compostela,’ a certificate from the church to any pilgrim who has made the Way of St. James for spiritual reasons.”

Paola Duarte, a sophomore international studies major, said she is going to travel on her own to the big apple to study by herself and develop a personal project.

“My passion is photography, so I plan to capture the other side of New York City, people always only pay attention to Manhattan or Times Square, but little do they know about the beauty of the secret places,” Duarte said. “There are amazing places that tourists commonly don’t go, like the Eagle Street rooftop farm, or the community gardens, which are the true gardens of New Yorkers.”

Other Spartans are planning to spend their spring break with sun, sand and the beautiful ocean.

“I am going to Hawaii with my sister, we plan to go hiking and relax in the beautiful beaches,” said Shay Donaldson, sophomore history major.

Some students remember the fun they had last spring break and wish to repeat the experience this year. Victoria Brown is a film & video major. She went on the Holy Ship! Cruise last year. Brown said that she met celebrities like Brody Jenner and Lil’ Dicky as well as other DJs, The Chainsmokers being her favorite.

“I also met a lot of people from around the world, I would most definitely suggest the cruise to people interested in EDM,” Brown said. “It was an incredible and stress free experience.”

Other Spartans preferred to spend their time working with social issues rather than vacationing. Twenty students are going to the Alternative Break program, organized by the PEACE volunteer center. Jessie Beckett, a senior psychology major and PEACE co-director, said that this year there are going to be two alternative breaks happening simultaneously. One is  in Cleveland, Ohio, working with community engagement, and the other in Knoxville, Tennessee with the social issue of housing development.

“That means that we are going to visit nonprofits agencies all over Cleveland and working with different social issues to better understand the Cleveland area, community, history and culture,” Beckett said “With Knoxville, we are going to work with individuals who cannot afford to fix their houses, because of any disability the may have.”

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