Day: September 29, 2016

Unity Increases Worth

By: TIARAH CHANDLER At the end of my senior year of high school, I performed a group poem that started with the lines, “Black lives matter. When you break down matter to its purest form, it is light and energy.” Two years have passed and this subject has been brought to light and taken up a […]

The Art of Self-Awareness

By ROBERTO ABEDRABBO Maybe you’ve just started college or you’re about to graduate — now what? This is the time to figure out whether you’re going to study a career that you’re passionate about, or find a job that will hopefully fulfill all your professional aspirations. However, these actions could be much harder to achieve if […]

Emmys Show Up Oscars in Diversity

By MADHURA NADARAJAH The Emmy’s is an award show that celebrates and recognizes individuals in the television industry. An Emmy award is arguably the most prestigious award for television, and has been on numerous occasions been called the Oscars of the TV world. On Sept. 18, Americans tuned in to watch the 68th Annual Primetime […]

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