Friends Remember Former UT Student 


Former UT student Nicholas Behringer died from injuries sustained in a car crash on July 2. Behringer attended UT until his sophomore year, studying communications and public relations, before transferring to St. Petersburg College to study music. He was 21 years old and would have been a senior in the fall.

Friends of Behringer describe him as a compassionate and fun-loving person.

“I feel like everyone who knew him was automatically his friend. He had a vibrant personality, not shy, and very helpful,” said Laura Andújar, a senior public health major. She and Behringer became friends as classmates freshman year.

Another friend of Behringer, Chris Vega, went to middle school with him. Vega moved to Kansas soon after becoming friends with Behringer, but says they stayed in touch and that Behringer’s friendship meant a lot to him.

“He was a really funny, goofy, sarcastic guy,” Vega said. “I remember I never broke a smile when I was with him. Even though I knew him as a jokester, that didn’t mean he couldn’t talk seriously and maturely about various topics, which I find great respect in. He always wanted to help and/or talk people through situations at home.”

His passions were photography, music, human rights activism and Lady Gaga, according to friends.

“The first time I ever met him I was wearing my Lady Gaga shirt, and if you know him you’d know that she is his inspiration in life,” said Leila Marie, a senior communications major. “Until this day I still rock that shirt and in my head I’m just wishing he would walk up to me and say ‘I love your shirt!’ It hurt to know that when I’m contemplating my school choices, living situation, and all other things worth contemplating I won’t have him to turn to because he understood me.”

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