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While most students have heard of Hire-UT, some have never been on it. An informative website provided by Career Services for jump starting a career, Hire-UT can help both students and alumni look for a job and build their network. Unfortunately, as helpful as the site can be, it tends to confuse many users so it is important to know what you are doing when navigating Hire-UT.

“Students can look for part-time, full-time jobs, approved internships, and on-campus jobs. It also allows students to view employer contacts and profiles,” said Jenija Manadhar, a graduate student pursuing a masters in marketing and a Career Assistant for Career Services.

Hire-UT can be accessed by logging into SpartanWeb, clicking on the Campus Life Tab, navigating to Career Services, and selecting Hire-UT under Job Search Software. Once there, sign up by filling out a profile, which  has basic contact information,educational and professional experience  There is also an area for computer, language, and a list of additional skills, like accounting, mediating, and synthesising information, to include on the profile. It can be slightly overwhelming deciding which ones to include on your profile.

“I think that you first have to ask yourself, what are you passionate about, and what are the skills that you already have that are relevant to your job interests,” said Julia Ruddock, the Manager of Employee Development at Career Services. “It has to be a skill that has been tested or proven through your past work or academic experiences. It is all about aligning those skills with your interest areas.”

Once the basic profile is filled out the site allows you to upload multiple resumes, cover letters, and a writing sample and set your profile to public so employers can view it in the HireUT database.

The job and internship search has over 600 positions listed, both local and national. Search by keyword, and narrow your search down by full-time, part-time, temporary, internship, or experience level.

I found it helpful to be able to specify my search to certain areas and to use keywords to find certain jobs,” said Olivia Garthwaite, a freshmen government and world affairs major, who found her job in the Student Fundraising Center on Hire-UT.

After clicking on a position listing, it will display information including, job description, salary, hours per week, qualifications, employer information, and, if an internship, a list of majors that can receive credit. At the top of the listing, you can send documents directly to the employer with one click. Or, you can add the listing to your favorites to refer to later. Favorites can be accessed on the right hand side of the page under My Favorites.

This is a contrast from job searches like Craigslist, where employers often post little information. Career Services has to approve listings before they show up, which makes Hire-UT safer as well. To learn more about a company, search for it in the Employer Directory, where there is often a brief summary of what the company does as well as links to their website. Under Job Search, there are also tabs for searches from and Indeed Jobs, which can be better for looking for positions in other cities. These can be helpful to find a summer position in your home city, or to get an idea of job offerings somewhere else you would like to live.

Students who dream of working abroad can click on Going Global, found on the left side of the page at the bottom.

“[Going Global] is the ultimate guide for searching for jobs internationally,” Mandadhar said. “This is an invaluable tool for students seeking for job abroad because they can get information regarding wages, visa regulations, industry trends and many more about different countries that they want to work in. In addition, you can also get information regarding cultural trends in different countries.”

Career Events and Workshops, a tab in the menu next to Interview Schedules, has all of the Career Services interviews and events as well as some local off-campus ones. Students can sign up for these events here, and on their profile can choose to get text reminders for those events.

I attended many career services workshops because I saw them on the list on Hire-UT,” Manadhar said. “The thing I liked the most about Hire-UT is that I could register for events and workshops organized by career services on campus. Then, I would get reminder emails for that particular event. This way, I could stay in the loop and not forget about the event date and location. I find Hire-UT very user friendly and helpful because it keeps me on track about all the career events happening on and off campus.”

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