Don’t Hate on Couples This Valentine’s Day

By Alex Sobin

Every year, single women on Valentine’s Day get a bad reputation. They get drunk, they get sad, and then walk themselves home from a tragic one-night stand in a pathetic attempt at finding love on cupid’s day.

This is a PSA calling all single women to cut the bullshit and learn to love YOU this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2016 marks my first single Valentine’s Day in three years. I’ve been single for almost a year now, and in that time I have learned the value of standing on my own two feet without the comfort of a man to lean on. I’ve also learned the incredible value of investing in a quality vibrator.

Singlehood allows for a level of selfishness that can be beautiful and empowering. Everyone must remember this mantra on Valentine’s Day. Recreating Valentine’s Day as a day for self-love and love for everyone around you is the perfect way to restore faith in this holiday. It should be a day devoted to feeling thankful for any type of love in your life: A love for friends, family and self.

Remembering Valentine’s Day as a day of love will also stop people from hating on people in relationships. When did it become a crime to be in love?

Instead of scrolling through Instagram wishing unspeakable things upon all your friends in love, I dare you to be happy for them. Better yet, put down the phone, back away from the Ben and Jerry’s, and spend February 14th celebrating everything you love about your life.

Dwelling on the fact that you’re not in a relationship is not only a waste of time, but is a repellant for any chance of you ever ending up in a relationship.

Here is a list of things to do besides complain about not being in a relationship:


  1. Call your parents and tell them you love them.  Trust me, they’re thankful you’re not having a romantic evening with some kid on the lacrosse team.
  2. Do whatever makes you feel sexy. Just because someone may not see your lacy bra and thong does not mean it’s not worth wearing.
  3. It’s Sunday! Get yourself some bottomless mimosas and brunch.
  4. Go to the gym. I know it’s kind of awful but for some reason it helps.
  5. Get dinner with your friends, because no one at UT is actually in a relationship.
  6. Get drunk… if and only if you don’t turn into a sloppy monster.
  7. Buy yourself something nice. Chocolates and flowers are overrated anyway.
  8. Submit yourself to @UTampasHottest, because you really are UTampa’s Hottest.
  9. Go to the beach. Sun, sand and singlehood go hand in hand.
  10. Call your ex… just kidding. Don’t.


This Valentine’s Day will not be a pity party for singles. It will be an excuse to feel confident, look hot, and show the world just how great single can be.  Fall in love with your life all over again.  Feel grateful for your friends, family, and anything that brings happiness to your life.

Most importantly, focus on how far you’ve come. Valentine’s Day is about love, and self-love is something often forgotten. So this Valentine’s Day take a trip to Hallmark’s , grab a corny card, and sign it, “I Love Me.”

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