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It feels like our campus is always evolving. Every semester there seems to be a new building, a new menu option, a new program, or event that we haven’t yet heard of. It can be difficult to navigate, but knowledge is power. Below are five of the services already offered on campus that are beneficial to all students, regardless of their classification.


Leadership minor:

Do you love volunteering with PEACE and serving your community? You can continue to hone your leadership skills by pursuing a minor in leadership studies.


“The Leadership minor explores many leadership theories, techniques, practices and their broad application in all career fields and in life,” said Associate Dean of Career Development and Engagement Timothy Harding.


The minor requires that students complete three required Leadership courses, and then choose three Leadership electives from an approved list, as stated in the UT catalog. In conjunction with their coursework, students will complete a number of experiential activities (90 hour minimum). They will then document and reflect on their experiences in a leadership portfolio which is evaluated at the end of each semester.


Students can apply on a rolling basis. Once accepted, students will enroll in the UT Co-Curricular Transcript program and will be assigned a leadership advisor to work with them throughout the program.


Career Services:

Harding said he thinks most students believe that Career Services primarily serves business majors and graduate students. This, however, is not the case. The Office of Career Services can assist students as early as freshman year. As Harding said, they provide invaluable career exploration support and guidance for students as they explore career options, define a career direction, and then strategize on an approach to best achieve that goal.


From fine-tuning your resume, to helping you develop a cover letter, to guiding you on your search for a job or internship, Career Services offers many tools to get you started on your career path.

Throughout the semester, they will host specific workshops and events to prepare you for things like formal interviews and job searches.


They also offer part-time job fairs to connect student with employers off-campus, and present guest speakers from prominent members of the community to give advice on how to have a successful career in their field.


Life Skills:

A chief complaint among many students is that they don’t feel as prepared as they would like when it comes to things like budget, protecting their identity, and establishing credit. To help alleviate this problem and help students to feel confident before graduation, the Coordinator of Life Skills Education in Student Affairs Tiffany Garcia is here to help.


“They [students] need to know that when they leave UT, they leave with more than just a degree,” Garcia said.


Garcia said that every program or organization students were involved in links a skill they didn’t know they were getting, and don’t realize is something employers are looking for. Spartan Ready helps to map out the competencies that employers are saying students need in order to be successful in the workplace.


Every semester, Garcia offers 10 workshops presented by faculty, staff, alumni, community partners, employers, as well as students. Topics vary each semester and cover topics such as planning your financial future, civic engagement, effective communication styles and personal health. The first Spartan Ready Retreat will take place the weekend of April 9th.


The retreat is an interactive retreat focused on career readiness and life skills development. Through case studies and role plays, participants focus on the development of competencies that make them Spartan Ready upon graduation, Garcia said.


Applications for the retreat are available on Orgsync now until Feb. 28. Students can make an appointment to discuss life skills and career readiness with Tiffany Garcia in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE).


Zip Cars:

ZipCar is UT’s new car sharing program on campus. Students 18 years or older have the option of renting a Ford Focus, a Toyota Corolla or a Nissan Versa Hatchback.


This is a great option for students who do not have cars on campus, because you can rent them directly on campus, and return it to the same spot.


UT community members can join for $15, with rates for vehicles starting as low as $7.50 per hour and $69 per day. Gas, insurance, and up to 180 miles of driving per day are included in rates. Cars can be reserved for as little as an hour or for multiple days. Reservations can be made at


Free birth control:

Under the school health insurance, women can schedule an appointment with the health center to either start or renew a method of birth control. You will meet with the nurse practitioner and determine if hormonal contraception should be prescribed and what method is best for you.


For women 21 and over, it is recommended to schedule a Well Woman Appointment, or “pap,” which is recommended you receive every three years, and more frequently if a recent test was abnormal. The pap is no longer recommended for women under 21.


The Well Woman appointment includes a review of past medical history, a gynecological physical including breast exam, routine urinalysis, thin prep pap, advanced STD screening, and diagnostic evaluation for vaginal yeast and/or bacteria.


Women can also schedule a gynecology exam if they are experiencing symptoms of a gynecological problem, including problems with their menstrual cycle. The health center can also write referrals if an off-campus visit is necessary.

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