No Honor in Discrimination

by Marisa Nobs

Despite the recent milestone of gay marriage becoming legal nationwide, it has become increasingly evident that America has a long way to go before true equality is achieved.

Kentucky deputy clerk Kim Davis,  made headlines by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, protesting that it went against her religious beliefs. She was ordered by U.S. District Judge David Bunning to be jailed and charged with contempt of court. Davis was eligible to be released the same day, if she agreed to let her co-workers give out the licenses. Defiantly, she refused and remained in jail for several days.

While the judge was right in jailing Davis, the act has appeared to only increase Davis’ popularity among opponents of gay marriage. An Apostolic Christian, Davis proclaimed same-sex marriage to be a sin and would be sinning herself by issuing the licenses. Pictures and videos show a triumphant Davis with her arms in the air, as though she is a prophet. People have gone so far as to call her a martyr, which is the most cringeworthy piece of news I’ve read in a long time.

The only people suffering in this situation are the gay couples trying to officiate their love. Davis has no right to force her narrow-minded opinions on others and hide behind the guise of religious freedom.

Shockingly, Davis is allowed to return to her job, but has orders to obey the law or else she will be sent back to jail. Since she is an elected official, she can only be fired by impeachment or by losing the next election.

It is concerning how much support Davis is receiving. There is extreme hostility towards gay marriage, especially in the southern states. Luckily, many have not allowed this to get in their way. Some couples made a bold statement against Davis by travelling to Kentucky just to get their marriage licenses at the office she oversees. There is a reason for the separation of church and state. As an elected official, Davis has a duty to fulfill her job, regardless of her beliefs. If she cannot do that, she should find another position.

Some states are implementing laws to “respect” these religious beliefs, such as North Carolina. This means that magistrates can refuse to marry gay couples if it seriously goes against their church. Every magistrate in McDowell County, NC has taken advantage of this law, forcing magistrates from surrounding counties to step in, which is completely outrageous. This causes people to feel unwelcome in their own hometown.

The war against the LGBT community is discrimination in its purest form. There is no acceptable excuse for trying to limit someone’s right to love whomever they choose. The basis of Christianity is in fact love, so perpetuating this idea of hate makes absolutely no sense. We should all know by now that being gay is not a choice; it is a part of someone’s identity.

Condemning that is just as despicable as hating someone for their ethnicity or gender. In addition, cherry-picking parts of the Bible to support an argument and ignoring parts that contradict it is simply hypocritical. Even if some people cannot overcome their opposition, at a minimum they need to respect the law. Gay marriage is legal, get over it.

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