UT’s Own “Tower of Terror”

Students fear Brevard elevator that has reportedly dropped floors. Photo by Samantha Battersby/The Minaret
The University of Tampa seems to have its own thrill ride, rivalling Busch Garden’s roller coasters. “I thought I was going to die,” junior Connor Sequeira said. According to students, one  of the Brevard elevators starts jumping from the sixth to seventh floor, and then down to the fourth. During the fall, the lights for all the floors darken, leaving students stranded unless they re-select their floor. “It was a very nerve racking feeling,” sophomore Charlie Mager said.The Facilities office questions the validity of the reports.“The elevators will not drop a floor(s). They occasionally might drop a foot or so. Traction elevators are equipped with governors and safety breaks.  The governor is a device that mechanically monitors the speed and acceleration of the elevator cab.” The statement continues, “Should the elevator ‘drop’ then the governor would trip the safeties and literally clamp onto the rails to stop the elevator in place and this would happen in seconds.”

A junior communications major who wished to remain anonymous said that she and her friends were so “freaked out” that they pried the doors open.
Some students refuse to get back on. Sophomore Michelle Karangu said she was in it once when it fell.“I started screaming. My friend stayed in it and I took the stairs from the fourth to the ninth floor because I was scared it was going to drop again.”
The elevator much like the famed thrill ride causes intense reactions from unexpected people.“I was in the elevator with like 10 of my fraternity brothers and all of a sudden it dropped. We were all screaming and I thought a couple of people were going to need to change their pants. I bet the people living on the floors or waiting downstairs totally heard us,” said sophomore marketing major, Tevin Christopher.Safety questions have arisen. The fact that it has been dropping since the start of the semester makes people wonder if their personal safety is a priority.

According to Philip Ash, a sophomore biology major, “It kind of scares me that whenever I go up that particular one, I hear a squeaky sound. I’ve heard that it drops but it definitely needs to get looked at just due to the squeaking.”

Kade Ross, the Brevard Area Coordinator and Assistant Director of ResLife, want students who have experienced the elevator drop to come forward.

“It should be reported to facilities, the office of Residence Life or an RA in the building. It’s important that when these type of issues happen that students provide plenty of information. Which elevator? When did it fall? How many floors? This type of information lets us provide a complete picture to facilities or those outside contracts that work on the elevators.”
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  1. It’s been doing that since I lived there in 2004, lol. Was always quite exciting ;). Funniest thing is when people would experience it for the first time. It happened, so often to me over the course of two years that it didn’t even phase me anymore as people would basically be grabbing onto the sides of the elevator.


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