Woman Discovers Ex-Boyfriend Hiding in Her Attic

What would you do if your ex-boyfriend lived in your attic for two weeks without you knowing? Photo by Taylor Sanger/The Minaret
In every break up, there’s always one party who can’t quite seem to let go. Whether they express this by scrolling through their ex’s Facebook seven times a day, conveniently deciding to go to the same out of state school or just taking the long way to work to pass by their old lover’s house. They may even continue to run into you at the same McDonald’s until you come to the realization that you desperately want them back. Just because you’ve said your goodbyes doesn’t mean the one that’s been dumped has completely left.
Some may call it stalking but I call it undying love. Today we live in a society where these acts of romance are often looked down upon or laughed at. But one man in North Carolina has proven that these Shakespearean gestures are still alive and well. This week’s Casanova decided to show his commitment to his ex by moving in with her. One minor detail I should probably mention is that she didn’t know he was living there for two whole weeks.
Tracy, who asked that her last name not be used, is a single mother of five and resident of Rock Hill, N.C. It started like any other day when she began to hear thumps coming from her attic. She saw nails start to pop out of her bedroom ceiling and as she recounted the story to the Charlotte Observer that, “Something just ain’t right.”  With that statement, I wholeheartedly agree with Tracy. I figure some loose nails falling from above my bed might be a red flag too. Maybe it’s some termites or stray animals. Tracy commented, “There was some poltergeist stuff going on.” Alright, forget the stray animals idea. I should have figured it was Haley Joel Osment’s friends from “Sixth Sense.” She had her sons and nephew walk up to the attic to check it out. Much to their surprise, it was not Mischa Barton throwing up from food poisoning, but something far worse in Tracy’s eyes: her ex-boyfriend she dumped 12 years ago.
Unfortunately, his name has not been disclosed by Tracy or in any police reports, but we do know a few things about him. He had been serving time in jail and wrote letters to her from his cell. In these letters he pleaded with her that she take him back and claimed that he was a changed man. Still, Tracy refused to get back together with this hopeless romantic. But he was not going to give up his leading lady without a fight.
He managed to sneak into her house, go through one of her son’s bedrooms and climb up to the attic. He came prepared with multiple Sonic Route 44 cups to use as a makeshift Port-O-Potty. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, he rigged the vent system so he could watch his fair maiden in her bedroom. Now, this incident seemed to ruffle quite a few feathers, including Tracy’s. She reported to the Charlotte Observer, “It’s got me flabbergasted. How can you look at someone through an air vent?” Flabbergasted? Millions of teenage girls thought it was romantic when in Twilight, Edward Cullen who is over a hundred years old, watched 17-year-old Bella from outside her bedroom window. What’s the big deal if Tracy’s ex wants to sneak a peek from time to time? Clearly, people need to start connecting Twilight to reality.
As part of a classic fairy tale conflict, Tracy’s ex ran out the door without saying a word or giving her any hint as to where she could find him. No glass slipper was left at the scene and certainly no romantic letter in a scroll was left on her nightstand. Police have described our modern day Romeo as a black male, weighing 170 pounds and standing at 5 feet  6 inches tall. If found, please take a picture and submit his headshot to “The Bachelor” because even if Tracy can’t see what a catch this man is, I’m sure 25 other lucky contenders will.
Vanessa Righeimer can be reached at vanessa.righeimer@spartans.ut.edu

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