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As Records Are Broken, Two Stars Emerge

This past week, the University of Tampa women’s soccer team had a record week.  Along with having three wins in a row, sophomore midfielder Lauren Moore was named the Sunshine State Conference Offensive player of the week.  Lauren Moore earned the Sunshine State Conference Offensive player of the week award after scoring nine goals in three games Florida Memorial, Warner and Mercy.

“It was awesome,” Moore said.  “I was really happy and honored to be recognized for playing as well as I did.  I was just really happy!”

To help receive this honor, Moore scored a total of five goals within the first 24 minutes of play against Florida Memorial, a new school record.

“I was shocked,” said Moore.  “I kept looking at the scoreboard and I was like oh my gosh!  It was just one after another after another.  I was just really excited.”

These victories have shown how the Spartan team is coming together and playing as a whole.  Along with that, the team has crushed the past three opponents and has developed full trust in each other when playing against new competition.

“I think the coaching and everything has been really well over the past two years,” Moore said.  “Everybody works together and we are really coming together as a group.”
Moore knows the recent victories of 13-0 and 14-1 weren’t against the kind of competition she will see in the SSC.

“The level (of the opponents) obviously wasn’t there, and we want to bring the same intensity to the bigger games and know we can score just as well in those games,” she said.  “We just want to come out to all of the conference games and do the same as we did before.”

Fellow teammate and roommate Jenny Karl had nothing but positive things to say about Moore as a teammate and her leadership role on the Spartan team.
“She is absolutely a leader,” said Karl.  “Even though she’s a sophomore and we usually look up to upperclassmen more, I think she actually plays as a leader and a role model on the team.”

The Spartan team has already been shattering school records under the direction of Coach Lucey who is in his sixth year as the head women’s soccer coach.  Lucey is looking forward to having Moore as a returning player and leader on the team this year.

“She’s awful,” Lucey said with a smile as he looked at Moore.  “I’m joking, I’m joking; no she’s fantastic.  She brings a lot to the game.  She is an intelligent soccer player and is very enthusiastic about playing on the team and establishes herself not just as a starter but as a leader on the team as well.  To have that type of character is very important when you are trying to build a team and to be successful.”

“She’s very mature and she’s grown a lot in the past year,” said Lucey.  “She understands her role is bigger and has evolved from last year.”

The Spartans women’s soccer team will take on Barry University next on September 22.
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